By: Renèe Wolf

What is communication?

the process of conveying information so messages are received and understood.

The two types of communication: 1-verbal

Verbal-The act of showing someone ur emotions with a verbal understanding




The two types of communication 2- Non-verbal

Non-verbal- Expressing what u feel with out using verbal acts.

1-sign language


3-body language

Slang---- Slang is appropriate to use when your with your friends and maybe with your family sometimes.

I message

Taking the blame and not putting on someone else

U message

Putting the blame on someone else and saying that it's there fault and not yours

8 tips for better communication

1-Treat Others With Respect

2- Listen attentively

3- Make eye contact

4- Answer questions they may have

5- Listen to them like you would want them to Listen to you

6- Ask questions

7- Be patient

8- Understand them

8 tips to manage conflicts

1- Get a second opinion

2- Talk it out

3- Seperate

4- Flip a coin

5- Drop whatever it is

6- Be patient

7- compromise

8- Sleep on it

Netiquette- the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

1- Be polite

2- Don't cyber bully

3- Don't give out personal information

4- Don't spam

5- Be yourself

6- Express yourself

7- Allow others to express thierselves

8- Avoid conflict

9- Use appropriate language/words

10- Respect people's privacy