The Wave

By: Todd Strasser

The Author: Todd Strasser

Todd was born in New york, New York But at an early age he moved to Long Island, New York and attended Wheatley High School. His best subject was Science and he liked to read but struggled with spelling and grammar. Todd then went to college in New York city where he dropped out and explored Europe as a street musician, living in communes. After his adventures in Europe he came back to the states and studied literature and writing at Beloit College. After working as a reporter for the local news paper and creating fortunes for fortune cookies, he sold his first Novel "Angel Dust Blues". It took a bit for Todd to get his books noticed but since then he has written over 120 books. HIs writings include "Abe Lincoln for Class President", "Boot Camp", "If I Grow Up" and many others.

Main Characters

Ben Ross- Ben is a Fairly new English teacher at Gordon high school. He is a overall good teacher that that his students generally enjoy. But while Teaching his normal World War Two unit he decides to run an experiment to get his students to under stand how life was in Nazi occupied Germany.
Laurie Sanders- Laurie is a well organized, bright, and Pretty girl that is a member of Mr. Ross's history class. She is also the editor and chief of the Gordon high school "Grapevine" news paper. When Mr. Ross starts his experiment she decided not become apart, because of this decion she is cast out even by her friends but she has her secret weapon the newspaper.
David Collins- David Collins is a runningback for the Gordon high football team. He and Laurie Sanders have been together sice sophmore year. But Mr. Ross's expiement will test their relationship, and the footall team.
Amy Smith- Amy Saunders is Laurie's best freind, they are together most the day even at football games watching their boyfreinds play. But their friendship will be tested in this aventure.

Main Conflict

In Mr.Ross's history class they are in their yearly World War Two unit. While watching a very impact-full video the students don't understand how some of the germans could just stand by as the Nazis do such terrible things. The students could not fathom how the majority of the german population could allow the minority control them. So Mr. Ross Decides to run an experiment that has the potential to grow exponentially, and leave the control of Mr.Ross, If it does it could cost Mr. Ross his job and can Laurie Sanders and David Collins stop this or is history destined to repeat itself.


Ben Ross wasn't quite sure what to make of the Wave.What had begun as a simple history experiment had become a fad that was spreading outside the classroom."(Strasser65)

This passage explains the Effect that Mr. Ross's classroom expierement is having on the entire school and the community surrounding.

Preferred Audience

The Reader that would enjoy this book would be a reader that enjoys historical aspects of thing within his/her book. And because this is a fairly sort read than it is easy to just pick up and read in a few days.
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