Divison Flyer

Dividing multie digit whole numbers and decimals

Steps for Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals

  1. Put the first number in the division problem in the division house then the second number out of the house. If you were to have a decimal do the same thing but add the decimal. Do not forget to bring up your decimal.
  2. Then you divided the the first number. If it does not work move to the tenths or hundreds.
  3. So multiply what number you got in the ones, tenths, or hundredths.
  4. What you get,you bring it down and subtract it.
  5. For the whole number you will get your remainder
  6. But if your dividing the decimal you can not have a remainder so you will have to add a zero. But in this case you won´t have a zero
  7. Then you are done!!!!
  8. Good Luck
Dividing Multi-Digit Decimals 6.NS.2.2
Dividing Multi Digit Numbers with Decimals