Amount of time spent on homework

Is it good or bad?

Amount of time dwight class 2020 spends on homework

The students at the dwight school in sixth grade say that there is a good amount of homework. In the survey 15 people were surveyed and 10 thought that it took them 1-2 hours to do homework. 3 people thought it takes them 2-3 hours, 1 person thought it takes them 0-1 hours and 1 person thinks it takes them 3-4 hours. 13 people from this class also say that the amount of homework it just the right amount. But 2 people say that there is too much.

Amount of Time dwight class 2018 spends on homework

The class of 2018 in the eighth grade think that there is too much homework per night. Out of the 15 people surveyed from the class, 9 say that it takes them 2-3 hours to do homework. 4 people say that it takes 1-2 hours, 1 person says it takes them 0-1 hours and 1 person says it takes them 3-4 hours. In that section 8 eighth graders think there is too much homework. 6 think it just right and 1 person thinks there is too little.