Fast Food Survival Guide

Grant Wilhoit

Ten helpful hints to get you fast food, but not fat!!

Hint 1.

If they have an option for reduced fat order that instead of the normal fatty option!

Hint 2.

Instead of getting soda, get water! its free and much healthier than that soda that rots your teeth. You will be avoiding empty calories as well.

Hint 3.

If youre feeling adventurous maybe order a salad instead of a burger and fries. This will get you more nutrients and less calories, youll avoid that greasy and fatty food as well.

Hint 4.

Instead of eating the massive portions the restaurant gives you, eat half there and take the rest home for lunch tomorrow.

Hint 5.

If you usually salt your fries or other food dont! This will allow you to avoid extra sodium you dont need.

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Hint 6.

If youre ordering a burger you are allowed to ask for extra lettuce and tomatoes, this will make it healthier even when you are craving a fatty burger.

Hint 7.

Ask what is one of their healthier options on the menu if you dont know what to look for, its simple and might become one of your favorites.

Hint 8.

Dont choose restaurants that are known to be super unhealthy and greasy. Go to places with healthier options like subway.

Hint 9.

Dont order dessert. It may be yummy but it is just more calories and food that you dont need. Go home and eat some fruit if youre still hungry.

Hint 10.

Have an idea on what you want to get before you go. This will allow you to know what to look for instead of having people influence you to get something unhealthy!

Guaranteed to be Delicious and Nutritious!!

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