Entries 6-7

By: Austin Wojick

Smore 6

My ideas of Media Literacy has definitely changed during the duration of this class. I learned how to dive more into media and have a different outlook on what I’m reading. I used to think that media literacy was just what you saw on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, now I know it goes way deeper than that, it includes what you read in books, what you watch on TV and how other people speak to you. I have learned that there are ways to see the different techniques that are being used on me by other people. I have also learned how to break down novels better by myself, with not needing the crutch of other peoples assistance, how to write an amazing précis when in the beginning I didn’t even know what I needed to have in the four sentences. In other language arts classes they were to focused on giving us vocabulary and making sure we knew words that we might only use two more times in our life. They gave us piles on top of piles of work sheets with sentences and we had to figure out how to break them down even though I had no clue the teacher had even given instruction. There was a much bigger emphasis on making sure that everyone had the same crutch from the smartest kids in classes to the ones that would show up maybe once a week. In this class you were able to play to your own strengths and improve on those, yes you had to overcome disadvantages but you were also able to build on those and make those your strengths. This was a unique class from any other that I have ever had in the sense where I was excited to come to class every day and knowing that I understand the material and what we were focused on. I believe one of the best things everyday was watching CNN student news, it kept everyone up to date with what was going on around the world instead of just staying in the dark and not knowing. This class honestly I do not think needs many improvements at all, if you were an engaging student then you felt that you really learned the material and had a great time.

Smore 7

First off I just want to start with how powerful that video was in thinking about my life and how much I myself look on my phone, now looking around when people are walking through the halls or through the malls and you never see their faces I’ll be reminded of this video. Everyone has to have a look back on their life and see that we do not have the same connections has we used to with our friends and even our family. We have to lower the popularity of these “Anti” social Medias, people are also too worried about what other people are thinking about them. Everyone needs to have to self-confidence to know that what other people say should not affect them and how they see the world and think about themselves. We need to not make all social media a popularity contest, without this aspect people would not be so intoned to their feed or wall. There needs to be a setting to where you can turn off how many followers you have and turn off seeing how many other people have, this would make everyone on a fair playing field and no one would feel that they are better than others. I believe that in the past year or so I have become more a slave to my phone and social media this is hard to break and I have slowly learned to break away from that and have better interaction with people, face to face. There is no one clear way to handle this problem but there are many small steps that we can make to break people from the chains of social media. I try not to allow social media to take over how I see the world but to help me understand the world better, I mainly only look at news and my best friends post but I do not allow people that I barley know to influence my outlook on this world and life.