All About Bees

Cole Morrow

Bee Hives

Bees live in hives.There are cells in hives, cells are six sided there shape is hexagon. There is a queen bee in every hive a queen bee is the biggest one.The queen bee stays in the hive the queen bee is the boss.

Different Types of Bees

There are 20000 types of bees,WOW!The most popular one is the honey bee because they make honey and a lot of people like honey yummy.



Bees eat food they eat nectar and honey they get it from flowers.Bees cant get a lot of honey from one flower they only get a little honey.


Honey is from honey bees they put the honey in the cells the cells are about a centimeter there are thousands of cells in a hives.I love honey yummy.Do you like it?Then save them!

Worker Bees

Worker bees take care of there babies but just for a little.Then the babies fly off to get there own food from the flowers and nectar if it was a honey bee it would get honey and nectar then put the honey in the cells!