Chat Light

Using The Right Lighting Can Change Your Video Chat Experience

Do you video chat? Millions of people use video chat every single day. They use a variety of devices in order to chat with the people they love. Some of these chats involve long distance relationships with a boyfriend or girlfriend that’s far away. The bummer is, these aren’t always perfect. The sound quality may be off, the picture can be grainy, or your internet connection may make your video chat lag.

One of the biggest complaints that many people have about video chatting is lighting. In this article, we’re going to look at lighting and video chatting.

Why does lighting matter?

There are a variety of reasons that lighting matters to your video chat experience. Here are a few.

Many cameras adjust to the lighting in the room. But, if you don’t have a backlight on the camera, then it’s going to make your picture off. You can’t see the person you’re talking to as well if your lighting is poor.

It takes away the “realism” of talking with the other person.

It can strain your chat partner’s eyes. If the lighting is bad, it can really mess with your friend or family member’s eyes.

So yes, lighting is fairly important when it comes to video chatting. Using the right lighting can make it a totally different experience.

What options do I have?

Now that we know how important lighting is, how can we fix it? There are some obvious options when it comes to fixing your lighting problems as they’re related to video chatting. Use a desk lamp. It can help you focus the light better.

Don’t chat in the dark. The light off your computer screen is not enough!

Get a camera with a light. Some USB cameras have lights built in.

Utilize natural lighting and the way your room is set up.

One more option that many people haven’t heard of is Chat Light. Chat Light is a USB-powered light that you hook onto your computer. It works similarly to a flash on a camera, but it stays on. Instead of washing out your computer screen, the lights are targeted at your face, lighting it up so that it can be seen by the person you’re chatting with. If you have difficult lighting problems in your home or workspace, Chat Light is definitely a great option for you to consider for your video chatting needs. It could totally change your video chat experience!