Haddonfield Gifted and Talented 3-5

December 2015 Newsletter

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Haddonfield Running Company Field Trip

The students had an excellent field trip to the Haddonfield Running Company last month! We were so thankful to HRC for accommodating us to visit for an informational session on the structure and function of their many sneaker models.

Mike from the running store was engaging and extremely knowledgeable. The students were not only a great audience, but asked thoughtful questions and gathered excellent research for the upcoming designing of their own shoe. As they have been continuing with the unit, they often reference materials and designs that we observed during out time at the store.

Sneaker Design and Marketing

Now that the class has finalized the research portion of the unit, the students have been off to a great start with their individual sneaker research and designs.

They are busy designing a production plan for their own sneaker line! They are making tough decisions such as: deciding their consumers and marketing strategies, designing a prototype including materials and visual designs, and analyzing manufacturing costs.

This week, the students will be finalizing these decisions and are starting the final step of preparing individual presentations. Shortly after the new year, the students will be giving presentations about their sneakers - with the goal of persuading "investors" to support their start-up companies!

Hot Chocolate Social

Happy belated National Hot Chocolate Day (December 13th)!

Last week the students took a few minutes to relax and socialize over hot chocolate before working on their projects. It was great to have time to relax together to energize us to keep up the hard work! Best wishes to all for a relaxing and fun winter break!

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

As parent-teacher conferences are happening over the next few days, please let me know if you are interested in meeting in January. I am happy to set up a time to meet in person or arrange a phone conference.

If would like set up a conference, please email me: cbaker@haddonfield.k12.nj.us