Women of Wisdom

March Newsletter

Looking Forward to Summer!

We made it through the tough winter months and sales are already picking up for us. With the new summer catalog starting in just a few weeks, I'm excited to see what the future brings us!

There are quite a few of you that have already earned conference stars. If you are interested in attending conference, but need more information, please let me know and I can fill you in on all the details.


I could like to congratulate Angie Mackovich-Reyes, on an outstanding month of sales. You worked so hard! $4836 is a lot of Personal Volume! You ran circles around my $1109! Who thinks they can beat her next month?

#1: Angie Mackovich-Reyes: $4836
#2: Stephanie LaLime: $660
#3: Jennifer Buckhalter: $306.50

Way to go to all of you!

Welcome new team members.....

Danyette Johnson-Nevada
Laura Hahn-Texas
Bill Wakeman- Michigan
Leslie Kidwell- Kansas
Crystal Kaune- Iowa

Our Team is Growing!

Business Supplies

Don't forget you can order summer business supplies. Not sure what supplies there are to order? Thirtyonetoday.com has a list with pictures to look at. Tshirts, catalogs, Tervis Tumblers, you name it, they have it!

Contact Me...

Please feel free to contact me at any time, if you need anything. Big or small, I am here to help you! Join us on our Facebook team page where you can look for updates and ideas and find helpful tips. https://www.facebook.com/groups/reallygroseteam/