The Renaissance

Shaniqua Glass

The Renaissance ?

The Renaissance knows as the (" New Birth"), used in its narrower sense, is meant that new enthusiasm for classical literature, learning, and art which sprang up in Italy towards the close of the Middle Ages, and which during the course of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries gave a new culture to Europe. By many writers the term is employed in a still narrower sense than this, being used to designate merely the revival of classical art; but this is to depreciate the most important phase of a many-sided development. The Renaissance was essentially an intellectual movement. It is this intellectual quality which gives it so large a place in universal history.

The Renaissance Man

what was the change?

The Renaissance was a Big change in Europe culture. Renaissance men and women created new arts and ideas. Not only there changes in art and mannerisms but many people became popular for writing literature during the renaissance. For example Machiavelli wrote "The Prince" during the renaissance, Now many rulers use that as a reference to do their job.

who were the people asscociated with the change?

Leonardo da Vinci : painter , investor, sculptor &scientist

Michelangelo : The human in painting .

Baldassare Castiglione : wrote a book called The Courtier , that taught how to ecome such a person. It was really telling you how a young man should act and do.

how did the changepact the society at the time?