Bessie Coleman

An African american pilot setting records.

Facts about Bessie.

Facts About Bessie

Bessie's real name is Elisabeth Coleman, also known as queen bess or brave bessie.

Bessie was born on January 26, 1892 in Waxahatchie Texas. Sadly, Bessie was killed in a plane crash in Jacksonville, Florida on April 30, 1926. When Bessie was a kid she loved to read and was an outstanding math student. When Bessie was 12 years old, she began attending the Missionary Baptist Church in Texas. Next she went to Oklahoma to attend the Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal University (Langston University). she only completed one term because she ran out of money. I think that Bessie's mom had a influence on what Bessie did in her life. Bessie new she had to get a better job than her mother if she wanted a good life. She tried hard in school and followed her dreams. if Bessie's mom had a good job and there family had money, she may not have followed her dreams. Bessie attended a lot of schools in her life. The Missionary Baptist Church, in Texas, the

Oklahoma Colored Agricultural and Normal University, in Oklahoma, and the

Caudron Brother's School of Aviation, in France. Bessie had a few of jobs in her lifespan. she worked at the White Sox Barber Shop in Chicago.

She earned a pilot's license on November 20, 1920. She wanted to be a pilot because she heard stories from pilots returning home from World War 1 about flying during the war. This sparked her interest in planes.

On June 15, 1921, Bessie became the first African-American women to earn an aviation pilot's license, and the first African-American person to earn an international aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Everyone knew about her acheivment.

On April 30, 1926, Elizabeth Coleman was in Jacksonville, Florida, she was doing a test run on an airplane without a seat belt. the airplane unexpectedly jerked because a wrench was caught in the gears. Bessie went flying out of the plane and died. Bessie hoped to open a flight school in the feature but never got to because she died in an accident.

Big Ideas

Bessie Coleman was famous because she was the first African American women to earn a pilots license. Bessie inspired many other people to fulfill there dreams. History would have been difforent. African American women may not have had the courage to fly planes until a lot later in history.


Bessie heard of pilots flying home from world war 1 and decided then and there that she wanted to be a pilot. Bessie Coleman was the first African American women to earn a pilots license, she inspired others to fulfill their dreams. I believe World War 1 pilots inspired her to become a pilot. If Bessie Coleman never existed, African American women may not have dared to become a pilot and chase there dreams. Bessie was a confident women who would say what she ment. Some things she said were, " I won't take no for an answer."

She also said, " the air is the only place free of prejudices."

Later on

Bessie hoped to open a flight school for all colored women and men. She never got to fulfill this dream because she was killed in a plane accident. Clearly, Elisabeth Coleman was a true inspiration to others and took a step forward in aviation history.

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