Alexander Graham Bell

By,Emma Conrad

Background information

Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh Scotland. His parents` names were Eliza Grace Symonds and Alexander Melville Bell. Mr.Bells siblings were Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Bell. Alexanders education was very poor when he started. He was initially home schooled by his father then later went to high school and went to college at university of Edinburgh. Later on, Alexander got married to Mabel Gardiner Hubbard from 1877-1922 and also had four children of his own named Robert, Edward, Marian and Elsie. As the years went on Mr.Bell had many jobs including a teacher, scientist and inventor. Unfortunately Alexander died on August 22, 1922 because of anemia at age seventy six.

Important Inventions and Other Accomplishments

Alexander Graham Bells inspiration for the telephone was that his wife and mother were deaf and wanted to create something to help make their life easier. Alexander started inventing in 1876 at age 29. In 1876 the telephone was patented and in 1886 he invented the phonograph. Alexander was awarded many awards. Some of them are the John Fritz Medal in 1907, Elliot Cresson Medal in 1912, Hudges medal in 1913 and IEEE Edison medal in 1914.
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