Marshall Islands

A place to be! - By: Bryce Duncan

Why should i go there?

The Marshall Islands is a great place to be! At the marshall Island you dont have to worry about anything!

What is there to eat?

When you are there you can enjoy the sweet taste of fresh coconut, tomatoes, and many differant melons! But if you don't feel like eating fruits you can eat fish like talapia, mahi-mahi, tuna, and grouper!

What can you do?

If you feel like just relaxing you can go hang out on the shore of the Marshall Islands! The water surrounding the Marshall Islands is very beautiful, it is bright blue and very clear! Speaking of clear if you want to get wet and see animal life you can go snorkaling! When snorkaling you can see sharks, dolphin, salmon, clown fish, and even sword fish!

How can i get there?

To get to the Marshall Island you can fly by plane!

What are some major cities?

Some major cities in the Marshall Islands are Ajeltake, Ebeye, Laura, and Rairok!
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