Moon Phases

Kiara Croom

First Vs Third

Similarities: Both had light on one side, you can only see a quarter of the moon,

Differences: Completely different sides of the moon, light is on different sides, accrue after different phases

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Here on Earth, we can't always see the half of the moon that's lit up. What we call the phases of the moon represent the different fractions of the moon's lighted half that we can see as the moon circles the Earth. This does not happen in space, but you do see the one half of the moon that is lit.

Waxing Moon

A waxing phases is when the moon is 'growing' or expanding in light. WAX LIGHT ON.

The light is on the right and grows from a new moon to a full moon.

Waning Moon

A waning phases is when the moon is 'shrinking' or decreasing in light. WAN LIGHT OFF.

The light is on the left side and it shrinks from a full moon to a new moon, then the cycle repeats again.