Jay Jay

Gender And Indentity


my name is jade but all my friends know me as jay or jay jay. I Feel Like Im A Beauitful, Kind , Funny. i have anger problems i can be very mean but i can also be nice. i have tattoos all over my body most are not visible. i enjoy listening to music and make beats.i dont really dislike anything but i am very aggressive. im not the type of person to bite my tounge i will tell you how i feel anytime of the day. but over all i am a prety nice and cool person.


i am a girl who attends at joliet west high school . i dont have many girls that are friends but i hang out with alot of guys and the think i cant do things that they do because of the fact that i am a girl for example we all went to the gym and they all thought i couldnt lift weights because i am a girl . when i am home my dad lets my brother stay out any time of the night but i have to call in like every two hours or come home before it get to late because i am girl. also when i went to the park with my friends the thought i couldnt play basketball because i am a girl but i cearly proved them wrong.


other people view me as a mean person because i dont take crap from no one i am not mean im just a little rude. but also the people who know me well view me as a cool and beauitful girl who is funny caring and loud but other people that dont even know me probally view as a brat or funny loud child.but that the end of the day everybody loves them some jade .