an interveiw with mrs.vaitai

alec johnson

teaches at Tidwell middle school, teaches 41hrs at school & 10hrs of tutoring

BA-English and American lit, BS-microbiology , went to university of texas El Pasao, bachelors degree, 12 years in public school , 3 years in 8th ,2 years as a literacy coach , 7 years in 7th , 1 year in kindergarten, 2years pre-k

things to know to be a teacher

duties are following standards, be at work by 8,biggest challenge too many standards to master with too short of class periods, biggest reward is getting to know my students, day in the life of teacher is coming to school prior to school starting, getting everything checked and ready, 41 hours, self motivation is about a 7-10, teaching is not for the faint of heart. teaching is a 24/7 job with immeasurable benefits, if you will allow students, that sit in your classroom into your heart.