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Science does it again

Not again, this is the third time that science has affected lives of innocennt things, this time he is acusing a poltergeist of being nonliving, he said it wasn't made of CELLS, then he said it has nothing to keep HOMEOSTASIS inside of it and was rude and said especially in the head, then he said it has no body that could be involved with HEREDITY, and that it was stuck that way so there was no EVOLUTION, and it doesn't depend on anything to survive because it was a dead wierd moaning green shadow so there was no INTERDEPENDENCE, and it moans in an errie wierdness because it has no ENERGY, but the sad thing was the energy part was true because after tthe rudness ended the poltergeist couldn't catch him. That was the first story the first one is nothing compared to what he did this morning.