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Scared In Hiding

Scared In Hiding

Hungry, hiding, and scared, Jewish people across Europe were hunted and killed by the Nazi’s of Germany during World War II. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale is a story that takes you on a journey into the lives of a Jewish family living on the run In Poland during that time Author Art Splegelman tells the story of his parents, Vladek and Anja who are key characters. He tells their story in a very interesting way by using animals to illustrate the story. The animals represent the characters of the book. The Jews in the story are mice and the Germans are pigs. Maus is clever and gives a good historical view of what it was like to be Jewish and live through the invasion of Poland by the Germans.

When Anja and Vladek first met everything seemed like they would have nice lives. They were lucky because a lot of people in Poland were poor and Anja was from a very wealthy family. Then, everything changes! The Germans invade and occupy Poland. They treat the Jewish people badly. Anja’s parents are rounded up and taken to Auschwitz. More and more of her family members are taken. Anja and Vladek go into hiding and go hungry most of the time.

Learning that the Germans were coming to take them to concentration camps, Anja and Vladek had to make very difficult decisions. It was very dangerous to be found hiding from the Germans and it was dangerous not to hide. The day came when they were found and were both taken to Auschwitz. They saw each other only once while they were at the camp. Somehow, they managed to find their way back to each other and moved to Sweden It was there that Anja gave birth to her second child, Art. They eventually moved to the United States and lived in New York. Anja remained very sad and depressed. Even though she survived the war and the concentration camps, it was all just too much for her and very sad that she died. This story did a very good job of showing what it was like for the Jewish people during World War II and how they suffered.

Scared And Afriad

Scared And Afraid

Vladeck is a Jewish man and met a Women named Anja. Vladeck is very poor unlike Anja. They are now married with one child. Vladeck is kind of a control freak because when he first meets Anja he goes through her closet to see what she has when she is helping prepare dinner. Vladeck is also very carryin of other people, when Anja was going through a state of being very depressed he cared for her.

Anja is a very secretive Jewish women. Married to Vladeck. The role Anja has in the book I read was that she was a wife to Vladeck and she was keeping papers from the Germans, she gave them to a woman that lives next to her so the Germans would not find them. She is suppose to be a little crazy in the head so that is why she always gets depressed. Anja is described as a very clever good rich girl on page 16. She is always on time and her parents own a hosiery factory that they have got a lot of business out of. She is showing she is very clever on page 28, when she hide very important papers that she can get in trouble with by the germans. So she hides them with her neighbor who is a sewer, the sewer agreed because Anja was a good costumer.

Scared And Shocked

shocked and scared

1.“We were very happy still for over a year-until August 24, 1939. A letter from the Government! A draft notice!” Page 38. This passage is telling about when Poland went to war. Vladek had gotten a draft notice that made him be a soldier. He had to leave right away which was very difficult for everyone. Who would take care of the business? Anja had a new baby. She said, “I’m afraid.” This shows how difficult this was for everyone. And shows the government can order people to war.

2. And on September 1, 1939 the war came. I was on the front.” Page 39.
This passage is when Poland went to war with Germany. Vladek was on the front where a lot of fighting occurred. This was what happened to many of the men during World War II.

3 And on September 1, 1939 the war came. I was on the front.” Page 39.
This passage is when Poland went to war with Germany. Vladek was on the front where a lot of fighting occurred. This was what happened to many of the men during World War II.

“I was only trained for a few days. It was 1939 and was on the frontier.” Page 44. This Passage shows how little the men knew before they were put out in the trenches of Europe to fight.

4. “They took us to a place near Nuremberg where it was many war prisoners. The Jews they made to stand separate. The other prisoners would say, “its all your fault, this war!” Page 51. This shows even as prisoners of war, Jews were treated badly.
5. “Jews were made to go to a stadium to register. In Sosnowiec maybe 25 or 30,000 Jews.” Page 89.

This passage is about The Germans making the Jews of Poland register to show that they were Jewish. It tells how afraid they all were to go. During World War II, this is what Jewish people had to do.

6. “We knew the stories- that they will gas us and throw us in the ovens. This was 1944…we knew everything and here we were.” Page 157. This passage tells what Vladek what he thought and what he knew after he and his wife were captured and marched into the concentration camp, Auschwitz.

Stories place In Time

Stories Place In Time

Historical Time Line
Countries involved in WWII and the Road to Freedom
September 1, 1939

World War II officially begins when Germany attacks Poland

December 7, 1941

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor crushing the US Pacific fleet, drawing the US into World War II.


The Holocaust begins until 1945 in which the Nazis exterminated the Jews.August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945 A B-29 bomber named Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan and the second dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. This convinced the Japanese to sign an unconditional surrender ending World War II.

August 13, 1961 – November 9, 1989

The Berlin Wall comes down. The wall went up after WWII in an effort by the Soviet Union to keep all the people in East Berlin and prevent them from going to the west. Soldiers protected the area and were given order to shoot anyone that tried to cross. This wall became a symbol of the cold war between the east and west. President Reagan urged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall. This gave greater freedom to the people of East Germany.

June 4, 1989 - 1990 Poland had its first free elections in 89 and Lech Walesa won the presidency and ended the communist regime.

December 25,1991
The fall of the Soviet Union (USSR) Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as leader. All of the Republics in the Soviet Union declared their Independence. This gave the people more freedom and stopped the brutal control of the Soviet ‘s.