Road Trip In TEXAS

Yui Taniguchi 7th period

This is my smore of the best road trip in Texas. In the 8 days, I am gonna visit 4 region and 8 cities. Let's go!

Day 1 → Houston 🚗 gulf coastal plain major city

Houston Museum Of Natural Science

It took about 4 hours to go to Houston to Dallas. Average temperature is 69.05°F. It was 75.3°F. The wind is cool and it make my mind clean. First , I went Houston museum Of Natural Science. That is famous museum in Houston and my friend told me that is the good place to go. Inside of building, there were amazing world. There were many kind of replica of wildlife. Those are such as real wildlife. And there were also place about science. There were many thing that I learned in school, so that was really fun! And, the last I went place about mineral. There were many beatiful and clear big minerals. I liked Sahhire taht shaved. That was really beatiful and the color was like deep-ocean. i want have that necklace in the future.

After I finished go around the museum, I felt hungry. So, I searched "famous food in Houston" on internet. Serch result cameup. It said nachos, crispy taco, chalupas. I chose chalupas. And, again I serched " chalupas in Houston". Serch result came up. It said "Natalita's Mexican Restaurant". I searched the place of that store and started to walk.

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Hermann Park

After the lunch, I went Harmann Park. There was 740 feet lonf and 80 feet wide pool. I walked aroud with listening to music. Oak trees were around the pool and wind was blowing soft. After that, I went Japanese Garden. There were many kinds of Japanese plants. Japanese maples, dogwoods, and cherry trees... I walked through the bridge. My 360 dgrees view was all green. That was so beautiful. Last, I went Marvin Taylor Trail. There were 2 miles of road. The trees portecting us from the sun, and making shadow.

When I came out from park, that was 5 : 30. I ate spagetti for dinner. My first day of road trip was finished.

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Day 2 → Conroe 🚗 gulf coastal plain minor city

Candy Cane Park

I drove a car about 1 hour and arrived in Conroe. Average temperature in Conroe is 70.1°F.

so, it is colder than houston. Today, I wore long-sleeved T-shirt. In the morning, I went Candy Cane Park. First, I walked 4 km on walking trail. It was morning so, the air was cool and it made I feel good. There were many trees with amy leaves. The leaves move when the wind blows. After 1 and half hour, I finished walking. After that I played Tennis in the basketball court. Other people were playing when I went there so, I joined them and played game together. After 2 hours, I finished playing tennis. I was hungry and I took a book from my backpack and opened page 34. The page title said "best restaurant in Conroe". And, the first one was kuntry katfish so, I decieded to to eat lunch in there.

In that store, I ate fried oyster platter and onion rings.

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Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

After I finished eat lunch, I drove car to Heritage Museum Of Montgomery County. It was daytime and really hot so, I turned on the cooler the highest one and made car really cool. This museum was build in 1924. This Museum offers a research room, oral histories of county residents, traveling exhibitions, a gift shop. I saw amny cool stuff in museum. There were also a summer program for area children focusing on the cultures and heritage of the County. I bought a key holder for friends to give. If you have kids, it is good to have summer program. Programs and Group Tours can be arranged during regular hours by reservation. Today, i didn't make reservation but if you do that, you can decide what time is the best to go.

Today was awesome day too.

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Day 3 → Fort Worth 🚗 North Central Plain major city

Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth

On 3rd day of road trip, I arrived in Fort Worth. Annual average temperature of Fort Worth is 64.6°F and Today is 76.0 °F. Ans it was humid day. Today, I went Main Street Arts Festival and festival called " Music on main". first, I went art festival. On the brochure, it said 1400 artworks were applied to the showed, but only 213 were selected. There were many painting, sculpture... I liked the drawing that painted by Mark Williams and he drew 4 picture of ocean with different weather. And, I liked the drawing by Daniel. He drew the beautiful view of diefferent region. Those were interesting.

After thta, I went Music festival " music on main". in that festival, hundrends of preformers play music with many kinds of instrument.

Some poeple were playing guitar, trumpet, piano... And, some people were singing.

I liked the woman who was singing. She had really beautiful voice.

After 1 hour, I ate lunch at McDonald's.

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Kimbell Art Museum and Trinity park

After I went festival, I went Kimbell Art Museum. In that museum, I saw many paintings. In all of paintings, I liked pictures called " Idol Hands" , "illuminated", "fortune island".

About Idol Hand, that was a painting that on the street, there are many face drawing for each paper and many people are standing near by their favorite face drawing. the title of drawing is Idol Hand so, I think the many face drawings are famous people and many people standing near by their favorite idol.

About drawing called "illuminated", I like the line that goes to down from the top of the picture. It looks like colorful shooting satr from the sky. I liked the color of picture. The painter used black on the background so, the colorful lines seems really beautiful.

About drawing called "fortune island", I liked the building and things on the land. It is a small land, but there are many buildings, big city beach, hills on the island.

After I finished see the drawing in Kimbell Museum, I went Trinity Park to cycling.

I borrowed bicycle and did cycling about 3 miles. The sun set was beautiful.

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Day 4 → Killeen 🚗 North Central Plain minor city

Belton Lake

In the morning of 4th day in Killeen, I was in Belton Lake. The temperature was 74 °F and the sun was so dazzling. And, I was trying catch a White Bass with fishing. After 30 minutes, finally my fishing pole moved. It was the first time that I did fishing so, I was like "what am I gonna do?". But, a man who was fishing next to me told me to wind the fishline. And I did things that man said. After that I catched a white Bass. It was bigger than I thought and I surprised. And I catched 3 more fished by myself. at 12 : 30, I was hungry so, I ate fishes that I caught with a man who was sitting next to me.

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Belton lake fishing (Texas)

Bell County Museum

After I did fishing at Belton Lake, I drove my car went Bell County Museum. At that museum , I saw drawings and artworks. And, I liked the moustache cup collection most. Some cup had flower paint on it, some had artistic texture on it. I liked the one that painted with green and yellow flower on it.

After that I saw the artwork that bell county in miniature. I was like a little house that cute dwarf can live. And that was completely same as building. I thought " how do poeple the miniature that completely same as something". I thought I want try to make that in thr future.

When I came out from the museum, it was 6:10 pm. I drove my car to restaurant called "Megg's Cafe". I ate roasted turkey sandwich.That restaurant was voted Best Food by La Dolce Vita Austin and top 40 places in Texas to eat breakfast. so, the sandwich was really delicious.

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Day 5 → Mid Land 🚗 Great Plains major city

C. J. Kelly Park

In the 5th day of road trip, I went midland with car. The temperature was 78°F. The climate is typical of a semi-arid region. This morning I went C. J. Park. First, I walked around the pond. That was about 3 km. Other people lIving in here came walking in the park at that time and I saw cute dog. That was brown tea cup poodle. Tea cup poodle is the dog that can fit in a tea cup. It was really small and adorable. I have a chihuahua and I know many facts about dog so, we talked about about dog and became. I decided to take times in park with this dog and its owner. We walked dog together in park where the trees are covering the path. The owner's name was Anna and she is living in near by this park. And, she told me she comes to this park every morning.

When I saw clock, it was 12:00. I have a ticket for baseball game at Christensen Stadium start at 2:00. I told Anna about it and I went back to car and start to drive my car again.

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The Midland Minute - A Taste Of: C.J. Kelly Park

Christensen Stadium and Sushi

Before the game, I bought hamburger and cheese fries. I sat on my seat. It was game of team called "RockHounds". I am playing softball so, Today I want learn something so, I came here.

At 2:00 game started. The pitching ball is really fast. Soft ball's pitching is slow so, I can decide where do I gonna swing. But, baseball's pitching is really fast so, I can't decide where I am gonna swing.

At 2 inning rockhounds were losing by 0 to 1. But in 3 inning, they got 2 points by home run. And and, rockhounds won by 4 to 1.

When the game ends, fireworks were flied away. I surprised when I heard sound of fireworks.

After the game, it was 6:00 so, I decide to eat dinner. I went restuarant called "Osaka Japanese steak house and sushi bar". That restaurant was the most famous Japanese restaurant in Midland. In that store I ate california roll and sushi. I like sushi so, that was really delicious. And I drank bubble tea.

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Day 6 → Lamesa 🚗 Great Plains minor City

Dal Paso Museum and chicken-fried steak festival

At 8:00 am, the 6th day of road trip, I went Dal Paso Museum in Lamesa. The temperature in Lamesa was 79°F. And cool wind was blowing. At Dal Paso mseum, I saw home furnishings, ranch, farm equipment from the past. And exhibitions are made by local artists. I learned what people were using/ wearing, how did they living in past.

At 11:00, I left the museum and went chicken-fried festival. There were full smell of chicken. Many people were on cook-off. I ate chicken in other place. But the meat was really big and it took long time to finish eating.

After that, there were Pet Costume Contest, Pie Eating Contest.... And about 3 hours later, the winner of cook-off were called. He looked really happy and he got medal.

At that time, I was really full and felt gt fat because of meat that I ate. So, I decide to go to park for exercise.

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Big Spring State Park

At Big Spring State Park, I went 200-foot bluff. It is one of famous place to ogo in Lamesa. The view of the 200-foot bluff were really beautiful. I felt like it is a top of the world.

And on information book, it said festival of July 4th is held in here. I thought it is really beautiful when people see fireworks from here.

After that, I ran 30 minutes in the park for exercise. The sunset was bautiful and it made my bad thinking gone.

At 6:00 I left park. And the 6th day of road trip was done. There are 2 more days to trip.

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Big Spring State Park, Texas [Official]

Day 7 → El Paso 🚗 mountains and basins major city

Franklin Mountains State Park and Fajita

On the 7th day of road trip, I came west part of Texas, El Paso. The temperature at El Paso was 85°F and was hot. This city is also called "sun city", have beautiful nature and sun shines over 305 days in year.

First, I went Franklin Mountains State Park. There was kind mountain. The road was narrow and not staright, rocks were on anywhere. That was really nature. Some people were doing rock climbing. I walked 30 minutes and saw many kind of flower or plants. The view of mountain was beautiful. the sky was clean and nature was living.

After I went Franklin Mountains State Park, I was hungry so, went the restaurant called El Paso Mexican Grill.

At that store, I ate Fajita. Fajita is one of typical food in El Paso. That was really Juicy and delicious. I also ate crispy taco at Houston. So, I thought Texas has many Mexican restaurant and they love them so much.

After I finished lunch, I started to drove car to TecH²O Center.

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Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas [Official]

TecH²O Center

At 3:00 I arrived in TecH²O Center. At the entrance of building, there was cool fountain. In the building I learned about water with cool stuffs. for example, there was a place that talking about how do we make water to drinking water. The water was decolating with blue lights and that was interresting. And there were replica of animals and plants. So, this place was good place to go for children.

There were also good place to go for fild trip. They can learn about water, animal, plant with cool stuff.

At 7:00 I left TecH²O Center and drove my car again.

At 8:00 I arrived there. That was place where I can see the night view of El Paso. There were many small lights and making beautiful view.

My 7th day of road trip ended with these lights. Tomorriw is the road trip.

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Take a video tour of the Carlos M. Ramirez TecH2O Water Resources Learning Center

Day 8 → Pecos / Toyahvale 🚗 mountains and basins minor city

West of the Pecos Museum and Cantaloupe Festival

On the last day of road trip, I went Pecos. The temperature of Pecos was 90°F and the hottest temperature in the cities that I went on the road trip.

In the morning, I went west of the Pecos Museum. There many things that from the past. And also, there were the room that designed same as the room from the past. So, I was felling like I am living in the past.

My favorite was the tained glass from 1910. And I liked old piano too. The piano was made of wood and 4 legs were decolated by sculpture, and the number of keyboard was less than Today's piano. That was cute.

After I left the museum, I went Cantaloupe festival to eat lunch. That was helding in historic Downtown Pecos and the park at the West of the Pecos Museum . There were live music and food and games. And there were many kinds of food that used cantaloupe. I ate cantaloupe. That was really fresh and sweet!

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West of the Pecos Museum in Texas

Balmorhea State Park

At the last of road trip, I went Balmorhea State Park. That park was in Toyahvale and that city was at south of Pecos.

At the Balmprhea State Park, I walked the path that parallel to the artificial river. The water of artificial river was really clean and blue. And also, the water of pool was clean and color was dark blue. I thought the owners managing the water clear everyday.

After the walking, I swam in the pool. In underwater, the sunlight makes the water really beatiful. The water was clean I could see everythings in the water.

When I left the park the sun was going down and sunset was really beautiful. My road trip was finished. 8 days were long but that was short.

Under the sky of the Toyahvale, i started to drive my car to Texas.

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Balmorhea State Park, Texas [Official]