Chapter P Granbury

March 2021

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A Message From our Director

Hello Chapter P!! We’re getting into the good riding weather now! Last month we announced Jeff and Ann Graham as our Couple of the Year! We wanted to show them how much we appreciated Ann stepping up and volunteering to do the Newsletter last year and Jeff just agreed to take over as Treasurer this year! Tom and Connie, 2020 Couple of the Year and Treasurer, will be stepping down as they plan to move to East Texas to be closer to family. We will surely miss them!

We will be having our March meeting at Spring Creek Thursday, 3/11 at 7:00 pm, but come early and eat!

Since our last meeting, on 2/24 we had an impromptu ride to lunch at Stumpys and then to Hico Sonic for ice cream.

A big thanks to Laura Adams, CD Chapter M for helping us to set up our new website! It is now active, at with the calendar, newsletter and everything! Yahoo!

Again, our thanks go out to Ann Graham for doing our newsletter! She does need input from us all, if you think of an interesting subject, please write it up and send it to her at

We want to thank Tom again for being our Treasurer the last couple of years. Also thanks to Eddie & Christi for planning rides and Membership Enhancement! We have other positions to fill if you are interested, i.e. Assistant CD, webmaster, sunshine person. If you have some website experience, we really need help with this! Thanks to all for your participation!

We hope you are staying well and safe! Get out and ride!

Chapter P Director (Texas)

Gary & Becky Wheatley (March 2021)

Time to Ride

Christie and I have a bit of a saying that's just one little sentence. She say's "the wind is blowing so it must be time to ride". I sure am fortunate that I have a wife/co-rider that likes to ride as much as I do. Have you ever noticed that the wind almost always blows in this part of Texas? And if it ain't blowing here it's got to be blowing somewhere. So how do you ride in the wind?

Not all wind affects us the same. Straight on wind or a good tailwind that pushes me on down the road doesn't bother me at all on the Wing, but riding in a strong side wind is a complete different story. My worse case of this was in western New Mexico or eastern Arizona on a road trip out west a couple of years ago. The wind was out of the south, blowing hard and gusting harder. We had just passed a small bluff and running probably 60-65 on a somewhat straight country 2 lane when a extremely strong gust hit us hard. That was the closest I've ever come to scraping the peg on a straight road. We already had a hard lean going when it hit so it was either lean harder or chance running off the road. So just so ya know, when I'm riding with a strong side wind it's both hands on the grips, a little firmer at that and I stay alert at all times.

I once read the Arnold Schwarzenegger (with Maria on the back) once wrecked his Harley by running off the road and said it was caused by the wind. I'm sure the the wind was a big contributing factor but not paying attention to it was the real cause of that accident. Now please don't tell Arnold I said that. So like Christie tells me or I tell her, "the winds ablowing so we oughta be riding".

Past Rides-Even with the cold and the ice we still managed a couple of rides last month. On Wendesday February 24th we had an awesome Impromptu Ride. We met up at the usual place and rode about a half mile down to Stumpy's for lunch on the patio. After lunch the 8 of us on 5 Wings headed down the back roads to Hico for desert at the Sonic. There we picked up another Wing that had managed to get stopped by the infamous Cresson train while on the way to Stumpy's so he just met us in Hico instead. It was a great ride back to Granbury and the weather couldn't have been better. On Saturday March 6th we had a Picnic Ride to Glen Rose. We took the back roads down to the park, ate a sack lunch and then the 5 of us on 3 Wings headed south. Just north of Walnut Springs we headed back north on some nice twisty roads back to Granbury. The weather was perfect. Perfect enough to cross paths with 2 or 3 groups of "bikers" while we were out.

Future Rides- March 20th we have a Lunch Ride to the Horny Toad Grill in Cranfill's Gap planned. KSU is at the RaceTrac in Granbury on South Morgan at 10:30am. On April 3rd we have a Lunch Ride to the Sonic in Whitney planned. KSU is at the RaceTrac in Granbury on South Morgan at 11am. Hope to see ya'll there.

As a reminder about Future Rides, we are keeping rides on the Chapter website calendar 2-3 months out. The website address is

Ride Safe and Ride Often,

Eddie and Christie

Membership Application

Click the link below if you are not already a member and are interested in joining.

District Rally and More

The Texas District Rally is scheduled for April 29th-May 1st in Kerrville at the YO Ranch Convention Center. I plan to lead a ride down on Thursday morning(29th) and plans are to lead the ride back on Sunday(2nd). Christie and I are booked at the YO Hotel from Thursday the 29th thru Sunday morning the 2nd. For the best rate, call the Hotel directly and tell them you will be there for the GWRRA Texas District Rally. It should be $109 per night plus taxes. Of course there are many other Hotels/motels in town. If anyone would like to ride the 3 Sisters then I'll be more than happy to lead that on Friday. Pre-registration for the Rally should be available soon on the Texas District website.

Wing Ding 42 is scheduled for June 29th thru July 3rd in Springfield Missouri. I plan to lead a ride to and from Springfield. We will leave out from Weatherford on Monday(28th) and head up thru Eastern Oklahoma. Christie and I have already made reservations at the Best Western in Tahlequah (not tequila), Oklahoma for Monday(28th) night. We will get into Springfield Tuesday afternoon in time to check into our accommodations, relax a bit and then head to the welcoming party. Christie and I have reservations at the Baymont By Wyndham on Evergreen from the 29th thru Sunday morning(the 4th). I know that others from Chapter P are booked closer to the Convention Center. On Sunday morning, the plans at this time are to head out early, take the main highways and ride the 520 miles back home by that evening. Piece of cake, and I like cake.

Ride Safe and Ride Often,

Eddie and Christie

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Getting Shot is Not Always a Bad Thing

Now that more and more vaccines are arriving daily in Texas, don't forget to sign up to receive yours as soon as you are eligible. With more people moving into the designated groups (like teachers), the state is making the process much easier. I got my first dose right at my school today. I won't say it was painless, but the process was quick and easy.

I am attaching the links I can find for Parker and Hood, and Palo Pinto Counties to register if you have not done so already.

One more way to stay safe.

Parker County

Palo Pinto County

Palo Pinto County COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Form (

Hood County

Lunch Ride to Horny Toad Grill / Cranfill Gap,Tx.

Saturday, March 20th, 10:30am

319 3rd Street

Cranfills Gap, TX

Horny Toad Grill has great food and an outdoor covered picnic area. This is a popular spot for motorcycle riders.

Kick Stands Up at Racetrac 10:30 AM 1550 S. Morgan St. Granbury,Tx. 76048

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Lunch Ride to Sonic in Whitney

Saturday, April 3rd, 11am

1312 North Brazos Street

Whitney, TX

What better way to celebrate Eddie's Birthday than with an ice cream at Sonic after lunch.

Kick Stands Up at 11:00 AM 1550 S. Morgan (Hwy 144)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

A Message from the Couple of the Year

Jeff and I just want to express our heartfelt thanks for the privilege of representing Chapter P this year. We are honored as well as humbled to be a part of this community that has been built.

When Eddie and Christie found us two years ago at that gas station in Lipan, we did not know what to expect. We hoped to find some new friends and fellow riders; maybe some new places to explore. What we found was a second family that we truly love.

Filling last year's couple of the year's shoes will not be an easy task, but we will try our best.

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