We are a welcoming school and we want all people to feel safe and happy here

Being a welcoming student you show the school vision of ‘Caring of the people’

Vogeltown is one big ‘whanau’ and we welcome all people to our family


A HUGE welcome back to all our whanau to 2019. A special welcome to all our new students and families to Vogeltown, we know you will enjoy our school and community.

Last week we had two Teacher Only Days at school to 'set the tone' for the year, and I must say the start of this year has been a very calm beginning to what will be another busy year!

This term is going to another crazy term with many events happening. Make sure you watch the calendar in the newsletter - it is also available on the school app and on our website. We begin the term with our traditional 'Vogeltown Adventure' this coming Tuesday followed by our 'Whanau Fun Fiesta' the week after that.

You will notice that the senior school has had a 'spruce up' with new carpet in all the rooms. The library has also acquired new shelves and the senior kitchen has been revamped. The next step is for the new driveway in to the senior school to be completed and the new classroom to arrive - although this will not be till June/July this year.

The kids and staff have made a great start to school year, we look forward to having another cracker of a year!


We welcome the following students and their families to Vogeltown:

Rm 14 - Portia Solomons, Daisy Spedding

Rm 12 - Paige Henderson

Rm 11 - Sebastian Salt, Jean Lingenfelder, Rangimarie Griffths

Rm 10 - Tommy Ngapera

Rm 9 - Caru Nieuwoudt, Taylor Davies

Rm 5 - Tyler Paton-Bloor

Rm 3 - Tangaroa Roberts, Emma Wills, Eldon Price, Mahi Peterken, Manav Kumar, Lily Graham, Raine Donnelly, Karwyn Crean, Audrey Coutts, Kieran Campbell, Olive Adams,

Rm 2- Lieke Viss

Rm 1 - Cruz Bumbesevic


Mrs Treadway

A trip to Melbourne to visit my cousins. Camping at Onaero with the kids - lots of relaxing and reading while they biked, made huts, fished, swam and kayaked with their friends. A chance to visit Napier while attending the ‘Joy of Play’ teachers conference - Splash planet, Te Mata peak and swimming

Mrs Oliver

A wonderful two weeks of wedding celebrations and family get-togethers in December, and a very brief stay at Mokau in our bus. Spent a few days in my sister’s new abode in Otorohanga; chillaxing, shopping and visiting family.

Mrs Newland

I spent my holidays relaxing, catching up with family and spending lots of cherished moments with my grandchildren. I spent a few nights at Urenui beach, saw lots of Vogeltowners holidaying there as well and had a great time fishing with my grandson Lewis.

Miss King

Went on an amazing holiday down to the South Island! Saw lots of cool things, beautiful lakes and huge mountains. Went swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura, which was one of the highlights of the trip!

Mrs Harold

We had a wedding in Devonport over New Year and then 3 lovely days in Waiheke exploring the wineries. Gorgeous weather and fun times with friends and family.

Mrs Melody

We had an awesome holiday in Kinloch and Hawkes Bay. Lots of swimming, kayaking and ski biscuiting. Loved spending time with family.

Mrs Lash

We went to South Island in a camper van that was bought for us! The camper van is now going to become a Vogeltown camper van and all the teachers can use it. While we in the South Island we saw Mr Stirling and Miss King biking along the road!

Mrs Sleep

I had a lovely relaxing holiday. Lots of reading, some painting inside the house and fun times with my family. I had a week in Auckland with my sister, shopping and eating out. That’s the life!

Mrs Irving

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Wellington, and a holiday in Hawkes Bay. Lots of lovely swimming, fishing, eating and catching up!

Mr Bishop

Enjoyed catching up with friends and family. The remainder of the holidays were spent chasing my one year old around and keeping her out of mischief. I was also lucky enough to spend a wee bit of time on the golf course.

Mr George

I had a great holiday. My wife and I travelled around Vietnam and loved it. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, the scenery awesome and the traffic crazy. The downside was all the rubbish everywhere. I am really looking forward to 2019 at VS!

Mrs Seed

It was a relaxing holiday for the Seed family with a lot of time spent at the beach, swimming pools and cafes. I finally got to tramp up to Pouakai Hut and as a family we celebrated our eldest daughters 21st with friends and extended family.

Mr Ransfield

My Whanau travelled to Wellywood to have Christmas with my younger sister. Whilst there we were lucky enough to see the Terracotta Warriors at Te Papa. We then travelled to Kawhia for a weeks camping over New Years! A memorable holiday for me and my family.

Mrs Parker

A busy holiday with family and friends - who can get enough of that??

A long weekend in Auckland with more family, a trip out on the harbour plus planning for the next holidays!

Mr Stirling

A fantastic road trip around the South Island, from Picton all the way down to Bluff. Enjoyed catching up with family, eating delicious food and swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura.

Miss Bleasdale

I had a very relaxing break with a trip to the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Spent most of the time chilling out on the amazing beaches, exploring the sights and catching up with friends and family!

Ms Pretty

I had a fantastic summer break. Managed to go away to Auckland and Taupo with family. Then spent the rest of my time landscaping.

Mr Ogle

My whanau escaped to America for 15 days, we have been saving to go for two years! Had a great time, but did not realise how cold California can get in their mild winter - 4 degrees one morning! Came back and inherited a new puppy - a black Lab called Layla, she is a real delight!


We are pleased to continue with another year of 'stable' staffing at Vogeltown. We have one major change and that is having Mr George as a 'Walking Deputy Principal' in 2019. Mr George will be helping with small targeted groups, releasing teachers, and helping Mr Ogle out. You will find Mr George's office in the senior school admin area.

We welcome Mr Ransfield to the leadership team as he takes over the reigns of the senior syndicate.



'The J team'

Rm 1 Adrienne Treadway, Year ones

Rm 2 Heather Oliver, Year ones

Rm 3 Lee Newland, New entrants (Deputy Principal, Junior Syndicate leader)

Rm 4 Emma King, Year two

Rm 5 Jo Harold, Year two

Rm 6 Lee Lash & Dani Melody, Year two



Rm 7 Linda Sleep & Caroline Irving, Year three

Rm 9 Laura Seed, Year three

Rm 11 Sheila Parker, Year four (Deputy Principal, Middle Syndicate Leader)

Rm 13 Josh Stirling, Year 4


Rm 8 Brent Bishop, Year 5/6

Rm 10 Nathan Ransfield, Year 5/6 (Senior Syndicate Leader)

Rm 12 Jillian Bleasdale, Year 5/6

Rm 14 Rachel Pretty, Year 5/6

Release teachers: Mrs Raewyn Andrews and Mrs Jane Boot

NOTE: The classroom numbers at the senior school will change sometime in 2019 once we receive the new classroom on site. We will let you know.

We also have our wonderful support staff team:

Mrs Debra Harlan, Mrs Linda Agar, Mrs Dana Baunton, Mrs Andrea Tait, Mrs Eloise Hay, Mrs Angela Brown, Mrs Louise Timanus.

Mr McAuley is our Property Manager.

Our office team:

Mrs Michelle Sleep (Junior School), Mrs Chris Johnston-Low, Mrs Suzy Wolfe and Mrs Annie Anderson (Senior School office).


Term 1 2019 Summer Sports

Wow....it's here already! Term 1 summer sports kick off next week! Hopefully we get plenty of warm sunny days to enjoy being outside and being active.

Touch Rugby

We are still in need of a few more touch players to top up our teams. Please contact me asap if you are keen to play and fall into the below categories...

  • U8's (children born in 2012/2013) we need 2 more girls.
  • U10's (children born in 2010/2011) we have room for 3 more boys and 3 more girls.
  • U12's (children born in 2008/2009) we have room for 1 more boy and 2 more girls.
  • Coaches - we need coaches for U10's and U12's. Please consider taking a team - without coaches I cannot register the teams to play.

The touch season kicks off on Wednesday 20 February and finishes on Wednesday 27 March.

Summer Soccer

All Summer Soccer teams have now been emailed to those who have registered. We could still do with a few more players in 8th grade (born in 2011/2012) and 12th grade (born in 2007/2008). If your child is interested in playing please email or call me immediately. There are only a few spots so first in first served. The season starts on Tuesday 12 February and finishes on Tuesday 19 March.


Team lists have been emailed to those who have registered to play. We are still needing a coach for our awesome looking Incrediball Team. Please let me know asap if you are available to take on this role. The cricket season starts on Friday 15 February and finishes on Friday 29 March.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the above information on 753 6843 or email me at michelle.sleep@vogeltown.school.nz


Well done to these students who achieved a Principal Award in assembly today! Great to see the kids all trying hard to stick to our current school - to make Vogeltown a welcoming place to be.

Here are the lucky recipients:

Manawa Neho, Cotto Rapira, Brayden Taylor, Mela D'Ath, Isabel Gernhoefer, Ruru Hona, Skyelah Tito, Harry Ahkuoi-Hotene, Kanin Beattie, Jeronimo Navas, Eli Rawhiti, Jayden Hare, Nevaeh Carroll, Kyla Shotter-Eruiti, Khloe Briscoe, Marco Remihana, Emma Muir, Jae Lallu, Rhiannon Ardern, Mason Dyett, Preeda Boon, Aaliyah Read, Amber Williams, Jayla Thomas, Tyrah Box, Matthew Strydom. Tu Meke whanau!


TERM 4 CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/

TERM 1 - February

12 February - The traditional Vogeltown Adventure - following the Huatoki river.

15 February - Four Year Old Friday

19 February - Board Meeting 6pm

20 February - Brookland's Kindy visit

20 February - Senior parent camp meeting 6pm in the Library

22 February - Whole School assembly (Rm 10)

27 February - Whanau Triathlon 11.30am

28 February - All syndicate triathlons

1 March - Kindy Triathlon 9.30am

5 March - Minstrel perfomance at school - 9.30am

6 - 8 March - Senior syndicate camp to Vertical Horizons

11 March - Taranaki Anniversary

15 March - Four Year Old Friday

19 March - BOT meeting 6pm

20 March - Senior Swimming sports (at Highlands)

26 March - Weet bix Tryathlon

29 March - Four Year Old Friday

3 April - Starting school the VS way, 5-6pm

10 April - Learning Conferences 2.15 - 7.30pm (school closes 2pm)

11 April - Learning Conferences 2.15 - 5.30pm (School closes at 2pm)

12 April - Last day of Term 1


After many years of performing in schools, the Minstrel is hanging up his boots. This year will be the last year that the Minstrel visits our schools.

He will performing at Vogeltown School on the 5th March at 9.30am. The cost per student is $4, please pay this to the school offices.

The minstel is an amazing performer and shares some very powerful messages about the ocean, wildlife and especially around our school vision of Manaaki whenua!

See below for a link to a sample of the Minstrel performing.




This is a new tradition beginning at Vogeltown. In previous years we have had a Meet the teacher evening, A whanau picnic and then the gala. This year we are combining all three in to one night. It should be a great night - a night to fundraise, meet other Vogeltown whanau and meet the Vogeltown Staff.

Date: Thursday 21st February

Time: 5 - 7pm

Where: Junior School grounds (Some parking will be available on the senior school field)

Whats on offer:

Food stalls - Sausage sizzle, Hamburgers, Pizza, Dumplings, Vege nachos, Cakes, ice blocks, jellies and Candy Floss.

Activity stalls - Cake stall, Tombola, Bouncy castle, water slide (bring your togs), Horizontal bungee, Tug o war, sack races.

It is going to be a great event. A huge thanks to all our sponsors who have provided much of the stuff we need to make it a huge success!

We are asking for some donations from our community. If you can help with any of the following, please send them along to the junior or senior offices:

Jellies, Paper cups, Paper plates, sugar, bottled goods (for tombola), little fizzy drinks/juice boxes, tomato/BBQ sauce and mini choc bars/lollies for prizes.

See you all there!!


Another note came home yesterday to all senior students about camp. Mr Ransfield and Mr George have notified all parents who we require for camp, thanks to all the parents who have offered.

The camp payment needs to be in before the camp date (6 March), the cost is $150 per child - subsidised by the Home and School.

There is a camp meeting on Wednesday 20th February at 6pm in the library for all parents about with information about camp and opportunities to ask questions.


We are very lucky to have a school pool at Vogeltown. As part of our PE and Health curriculum, we expect the kids to swim everyday. The teaching staff were part of some professional development on Teacher only day about the swimming curriculum and it encourages water safety, water exploration and water confidence at this age.

Please make sure your child(ren) have their togs ready to go each day, with the weather the way it is currently, we will be making the most of the pool.

If you want to use the pool after school hours, please see the senior office for a key. All keys are $45 ($5 back one key returned at the end of the season). You will be required to sign an agreement with the school - please read the terms and conditions carefully.


You are invited to attend "Tomorrow's Schools Review: Consultation Meeting" by the Independent Taskforce

About this Event:

The report by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce is now available and consultation is taking place around the country for families and whānau, teachers/kaiako, principals/tumuaki, the education sector and wider community. Come along to hear more about the proposals from the Independent Taskforce, ask questions and give your feedback.

Doors open at 6.30pm (30 mins before the consultation meeting will begin)

Don't hesitate to get in contact should you have any questions -Tomorrows.Schools@education.govt.nz

See link to register:



* Hats! With the summer weather continuing, please remind your students to pack their hats each day. We have sunscreen in all classes, however it may pay to put this on at home before coming to school

* There will be a 'Communication and Update' notice coming home next Monday. If you are not sure how we communicate with whanau, then there will information on here. Also, if your deatils have changed over the holidays (phone numbers, address, email etc) then please fill in this form. Look out for the orange piece of paper.

* School expectations - Vogeltown classes are open for instruction from 9am, please try to be at school prior to class beginning. Research suggests the first 15 minutes of the day are the most important for any child. See the school website for more info around school expectations - eg our homework policy.


Thanks whanau

Have a great weekend whanau.

Remember if you have any issues you wish to discuss, please come in and see me or contact me on principal@vogeltown.school.nz

On behalf of the Vogeltown teaching team,

Jeremy Ogle - Principal


The future of Tomorrow's Schools - Public forum

Here is a link for the open public consultation meeting taking place on Thursday 14th February at New Plymouth Boys High School:


The report by the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce is now available and consultation is taking place around the country for families and whānau, teachers/kaiako, principals/tumuaki, the education sector and wider community. Come along to hear more about the proposals from the Independent Taskforce, ask questions and give your feedback.

Doors open at 6.30pm (30 mins before the consultation meeting will begin)

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