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Acton Weekly Update: 1/13/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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Click on the link below for this week's PLC Feedback Form.



Link to the SOS Form for any students you need to start the SOS process.


Nuts and Bolts

To all staff:

Included is a survey from the Board of School Trustees seeking your input regarding desired characteristics to be sought in the new superintendent search. Your opinions will be received anonymously. The Board is interested in recommendations from the staff and will use these in helping with the selection of a new superintendent. We will also hold a public input forum on January 23 at 7:00pm at CTEC. Staff members are welcome to attend this forum as well.

Thank you for taking the time to provide the Board with your opinions. Click the following link to be directed to the survey. Please complete the survey by January 23.


David Shaffer

I've reviewed the Convocation Survey Data and overwhelmingly we want to have a FUN Pep Session style Assembly for our students before ISTEP begins. I'll send out an invite to those who voiced that they would like to assist and we will get started on that ASAP. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT!!!

Feel free to follow the link for the newest

Healthy Flashes Newsletter from our HR dept and Wellness Committee


Jump Rope for Heart Convo on January 20th.

RA Schedule for the day:

9-9:30 5th Grade RA

9:35-10:05 4th grade RA

10:10-10:40 3rd Grade RA
10:45-11:15 2nd Grade RA

12:45-1:15 1st grade RA

1:20-1:50 Kindergarten RA

Assembly at 3:10. We will start calling classes down at 3:00.

Curriculum and Instruction

Thursday: Third Grade will be participating in the statewide ISTEP Readiness Testing session. They will be using both computer labs and the Chromebooks from 10-11 AM.

IT'S DIBELS MOY TESTING TIME!!! PLEASE work hard to get these completed in an efficient amount of time and do so with validity to the testing process. If you have any questions at all contact Ronna. Grades 3-5 Don't forget to do your DAZE tests, too! The sooner the booklets are turned into the office, the sooner we can input your data and get reports to you. We will have a DIBELS Data Dig during your prep times on January 31st, but there will be no PD meeting that morning.

Here is a resource that parents can use to help their child connect to STEM educational opportunities:




FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85% and Fluency 80%

Ways to Respond to Independent Reading, Read with A Buddy, or Read Aloud Time~

1.) How Characters Feel: Describe how the main character might have felt at different points in the story. Student can share pictures or words to support his interpretation.

2.) Because… The pages I read today were interesting because…

Practice the Punctuation~A reader’s voice should change when it “reads” punctuation. Stopping, pausing, and adjusting volume all impact the overall comprehension of the text. Give students multiple opportunities to practice.

Reaching ALL Learners

The brain acts differently when choice is offered. Choice changes the chemistry of the brain. When learners get to choose a task, the resources, or the parameters for accomplishment, their stress is lower. Students feel more positive about the task and look forward to participating and succeeding.

· Use expressions that offer choice, “You might like to…, or “You may find… or, “Others have found…”

· Allow your learners to make appropriate choices in their learning. They may select from a menu of topics or choose their own. The amount of choice offered should vary and be age-appropriate.

· Students may also create or have input in the criteria for assessment.

From: Eric Jensen’s Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind and Brain Compatible Strategies

Athlete Mentors

I've created a Google Sheet with dates and classrooms for student athlete mentors to visit. Please review the dates and find yours. They are listed below and are in a folder in Google Drive for you. If you have any concerns with the date assigned, please let me know. The agenda and schedule that the athletes are given is below.


Tuesday's PD will be in the LGI room. We will discuss the TWITTER CHALLENGE- bring your phone or ipad. You'll have an opportunity to tweet several items from the challenge board.

January Twitter Challenge!!!! Let's do this!!!!

If you haven't set up your Twitter account yet please do so NOW. Helpful tips in the link below.

How to Grow Your PLN

Our District Twitter Challenge has now started and you are eligible for PRIZES if you participate! Below is a video clip of me explaining how it works. You have from now til the end of February to participate.. and the building with the highest participation will receive a prize as well! Feel free to email Mark or myself if you have any questions!

Good Luck and Happy Tweeting!


Link to Bingo Board

New to Twitter?? Use this link to help you get ready!

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What's Coming Up

Weekly Updates 2016-2017 : 2nd Semester


3 Students Return for Second Semester

5 Principals Meeting

9- Feb 24 WIDA

9-27 MOY Dibels

9 School Board Meeting

9 Evacuation Drill

10 3rd gr Field Trip NIFS

12 Music Recruiting Concert MSE 12:30-1:35

13 Yearbook Activity Picture Day

16 MLK Day-closed

17 SpEd Elementary PD

17 SpEd Leader Team Mtg

18 Hot Box Pizza PTO Fundraiser (All Day)

19 Instrument testing for music (PM)

20 All Pro Dads 7:45- 8:30 AM

20 Nadine here

24 K-5 Related Arts PD

24 counselors Meeting

25 K-5 Related Arts PLC

26 Leadership Team Mtg

26 2nd Gr Field Trip NIFS

30 5th gr Field Trip IRT

31 SpEd Leader Team Mtg

31 Grade level Data Digs

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