Number the Stars

Lois Lowry

Book Summary

Imagine running down the street with your best friend and suddenly getting stopped by a 6-foot-tall man with large, shiny, black boots. He suspiciously looks down at you with a glare in his eyes. You cautiously stare back at him, remembering that is was his kind that took the life of your older sister. He accusingly asks you a few questions, eyeing you friend who is sheepishly standing behind you. Then he sends you on your way. Seeing these men is a typical thing in your life, but having them speak to you is frightening and unusual.

German soldiers could at any moment strike at you and ruin your life or take control of it. This was not the case for 10-year-old Annemarie. This could happen to her best friend, Ellen, though. Ellen was a Jew.

Slip into the life of Annemarie Johansen in the book Number the Stars by Luis Lowry. Go along on an adventure with her as she escapes her town to save her best friend. Follow Annemarie run through the woods, ride trains, and protect Ellen from the Nazis.


  • There was many secret codes that anti-holocaust Germans used to talk about the Jews
  • There was many Germans that wanted to protect the Jews and not hurt them, this was good because the Jews could hide more easily.
  • Jews were targeted by the Germans because they had a distorted image about how they lived and what the Jews were like.


"If you love fiction books that keep you asking questions and make you want to read more than this is a book for you:) 4-Star-Rated"

-Lucy Dekkenga