Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains Need Your Help

Peter M.

Endangered Gorillas In The Virunga Mountains

There are many problems facing these Virunga Mountain Gorillas that are causing them to be endangered. First of all, the gorillas' natural habitat is being destroyed. The different problems that gorillas are facing are because of human activity. People are destroying the gorillas' homes by cutting down their trees. If humans don't stop cutting down trees, this pressing issue will continue. Some people called poachers are illegally killing the gorillas for money. If we don't do anything and just stand by and watch, the gorillas have a high risk of going extinct.
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Gorilla in Captivity in the Virunga Mountains

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Gorilla Eating

Protection of the Gorillas

Virunga Mountain gorillas are protected by a lot of people. In 2013 they launched a worldwide campaign to help save these gorillas by telling companies to stop digging for oil in the Virunga area. Park rangers protect gorillas from civil war and poachers. The Senkwekwe Center cares for all of the orphaned baby gorillas. The World Wildlife Fund created an International Gorilla Conservation Programme to start getting people to stop the gorillas from going extinct.
Mountain gorillas at Virunga National Park, DRC

Watch to See What the Virunga National Park Does to Save Gorillas

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Virunga National Park is Stopping Oil Drilling to Help Gorillas

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