Bulldog BARK

November 28th-December 11th

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"At NCHS every student graduates college and career ready with 21st century skills."

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From the Principal's Desk

Bulldog Families,

We are well into the second quarter with only 17 day until winter break. Please keep working hard and make sure you are turning in all your assignments. Please see the list of all the students that received Merit Honor roll, Honor Roll and Perfect attendance below.

Please feel free to reach out to teachers, guidance counselors and administration anytime we can assist you or answer a question.

In Summer 2022, Caroline County Public Schools (CCPS) engaged the services of FourPoint Education Partners, with support from the Maryland Leads Initiative, to assess and recommend strategies for strengthening and expanding school- and community-based afterschool and summer program offerings. As part of this review, FourPoint Education is conducting surveys with students, parents, and teachers to collect feedback on afterschool and summer programs and activities. Survey data will be a critical component of the findings and recommendations provided by the FourPoint team.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please provide candid feedback. Your responses will be completely confidential. Please complete the survey by December 7th. Thank you for your participation in and support for this effort.

Click this link to begin the survey.

Matt Spiker

NCHS Principal

Important Dates:

December 4th Special Education Citizens Advisory Community (SECAC) event 1:00-3:00pm

December 5th-8th MCAP ELA 10

December 20th Winter Concert

December 22-January 1st Winter Break

State testing

Testing is Right Around the Corner!!

As we plan ahead for students to participate in upcoming state assessments, please be sure your student takes the following steps to prepare for success: (please help us remind them)

*Come to school well rested

*Eat breakfast either at home or at school

*Turn your laptop completely off at night (not just on sleep mode)

*Be sure your laptop is fully charged

*Bring corded earbuds from home if you choose to wear them during the test

*Be prepared to do your best and try your hardest

*When provided the opportunity by your teacher, take the practice test seriously and do your best to answer the questions accurately. Pay attention to the types of questions being asked of you.

*Do not rush through the test and review your answers before submitting

The Fall/Winter State Assessments are as follows and will take place in students' regularly scheduled classes.

MCAP ENG 10: December 5th - December 8th

HSA Government: January 3rd - January 6th

MCAP Algebra I: January 3rd - January 6th

MCAP Algebra II / Geometry: January 9th - January 12th

LS MISA: January 9th - January 12th

Only students who are currently enrolled in English 10, Government, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Biology will be participating in these assessments UNLESS your student needs to make-up the assessment from a previous year or still needs to participate in the assessment for graduation. Your student will be notified if they fit into this category of test takers.

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Adams at NCHS if you have any questions about any of these assessments. (410) 479-2332

Students currently taking dual enrollment courses at Chesapeake Community College

Attention Caroline County Public Schools families with a child currently taking dual enrollment courses at Chesapeake Community College. Based upon a recent change in a Maryland statute, families of students taking approved courses through dual enrollment are no longer responsible for the tuition costs for the Fall and Spring semesters of 2022-2023 school year. Caroline County Public Schools is working with Chesapeake Community College to direct all tuition bills to us instead of to students and families. In the coming weeks, Chesapeake Community College will initiate a refund to any families who have already paid tuition for this semester. Our respective finance teams are working to ensure that dual enrollment students' tuition costs are satisfied. Please communicate with your child's school counselor with any questions or requests for further information.
Thank you.

New CCPS App

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We have great news!

We now have an email dedicated to student attendance.


All student attendance items should be sent to this email.

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Student BARKS

Honor Roll Students

Adelhardt, Connor Jordan

Aguilar Lopez, Ashly Marina

Almarzoug, Mohammed

Alton Jr, Ernest Alfred

Andrew, Wyatt Tucker

Ardison, Madelyn Danielle

Avila, Jalexia Marcia

Ayala Mejia, Rossicely Marisol

Bailey, Jenika Christine

Bartolon-Mendez, Lee Abraham

Bast, Chance Jackson

Batson, Samirah Jhane

Battersby, Shane Lee

Belote, Riley Jean

Benitez Cordova, Yamileth

Berduo Ortiz, Marina Lupita

Bessix, Zaneithen Escibar

Black, Tierra Marie

Blankenship III, William Edward

Blizzard, Skylar Rose

Blottenberger, Anthony Ryan

Blunt, Skylar Nicole

Boarts, Brayden James

Bodine, Bailey Elizabeth

Bouchat, Nicholas Howard

Breeding, Ryan Lee

Broadwater, Kasey Dylan

Brown, Miranda Claire

Bunce, Corey McHale

Bunce, Sean Kopp

Bustamante, Diego

Butler, Landon Riley

Callaghan, Caroline Sophie

Carter, Jakayla Jer-Na

Carter, Jalisa Ja-Na

Charbonneau, Christian Joseph

Cifuentes Navarro, Jostin Manuel

Cifuentes-Bamaca, Joshua

Coleman, Brianna Ravyn

Collier, Abigail Kay

Constantino, Connor Nathaniel

Copper, David Abishalom

Cordell, Joshwa Jeffry

Creason, Callie Lynn

Curler, Sophie Theresa-Nancy

D'Orlando, Nathan Lee

Davis, Kristen Hunter

De La Cruz, Ingrid Aileen

De La Cruz-Martinez, Alex

Deavers, Caden Daniel

DeFord, Rylei Disrae

Demby, Makayla Marie

Diaz, Ingrid Yissel

Diaz-Gomez, Renata

Domingo-Mendez, Ingrid Dayanara

Dorr, Ella Katherine

Durr, Keira Jade

Eaton, Averie Sue

Eierman, Carlee Marie

Eigenbrode, Hadley Nicole

Elizondo Jr, Rogelio

Escalante Morales, Marcial Oliser

Escalante-Mejio, Alexander Josue

Escalante-Perez, Christiano

Escalante-Velasquez, Emily

Escobar Castanon, Acxel

Fissell, Benjamin Gabriel

Fountain, Maistin Paul

Frank, Austin Michael

Frank, Connor Joseph

Frantum, Heath Ross

Fretterd, Zoe Marie

Friel, Thomas Arlen

Fuentes-Garnica, Gerardo David

Gabaya Jr, Christopher Ruben

Gallagher, Payton Ashlyn

Galvez Mazariegos, Jonni Orlando

Garland, Paisley Blair

Gent Jr, Charles Wesley

Geronimo-Salas, Jose Angel

Godinez Rodriguez, Kevin Bernardo

Greenwell, Bridget Christine

Grist, Tiffany Anne

Guardado Torres, Christopher Ivan

Haggerty, Alyssa Nicole

Hammond, Emma Frances

Hardeo, Leila Simone

Hardesty, Nataleigh Brianna

Harding, Ryan Henry

Haught, Ryan Walter

Henry, Kiersten Elise

Hernandez Velasquez, Queyli Holanda

Hernandez-Tovar, Jan Eduardo

Holley, Taniah Lanae

Jackson, Koen Avery

Jackson, Makela Alexandria

Johnson, Dezmond Jamal

Johnson, Faith Sue Ann

Jones, Lilian Grace

Juan Baltazar, Daniel Fernandez

Kalinowski, David Hurst

Keninitz, Marshall James

Keninitz, Sydney Lee

Kercheval, Connor Brady

Kinsey, Shilynn Chris

Kitts, Alexandra Jan

Knauss, Claire Marie

Koenig, Lilly Marie-Agnes

Kratz, Austin Tyler

Kuechler, Keagan Nicole-Santana

Kusyk, Brooke Rivers

Lanning, Cheyenne Star

Laramore, Kaiden Joseph

Little, Kwamane Tymere

Lone, Matthew Steven

Long, Robert William

Long-Brown, Azalia Marie

Lopez Lopez, Sherly Yuheidy

Lopez Paz, Marvin Yair

Lopez-Salas, Anahi Liceth

Luettge, Harry Tony

Luna-Feliciano, Jonnatan

Macario-Tomas, Nelvin Henry

Mack, Conner Michael

Manno, Alexis Marie

Marlett, Addyson Laine

Mathis, Noah Micheal

Matthews, Ne'Kyah Inay

McCoy, Jayden Wyatt

McKinley, Alexander Callaway

Meiklejohn, Madalyn Elaine

Meiklejohn, William Dozer

Merida Saucedo, Antony Elenilson

Miller V, William Robert

Milner, Zahir Nasir

Mitchell, Ashlyn Marie

Moore, Taylor Ann

Morales Rivera, Jose Armando

Morales Soto, Keyli Adamaris

Morales, Kimberly Carolina

Morales-Velasquez, Misania

Morgan, Christina Alesse

Murray, Mariah Renee

Neithercott, Logan Michael

Nguyen, Kelly Chi

Nichols, Jeremiah Lamont

Nolan Jr, Allin Lee

O'Connell, Alexys Payge

Olugbade, Oluwabukola Makenna

Paswater, Chaise Mara

Perez Escalante, Lesvy Vivian

Perez Lopez, Jhonny Amadeo

Perez Velasquez, Brayan Artemio

Perez-Garcia, Faviola

Perez-Rodas, Jade Yanisel

Peter, Cameren Elijah Lee

Pham, Ngoc Mai

Philpot, Madison Shea

Pierce, Da'merah Alasjah

Pierce, Kimora Leigh

Price, Mariah Nicole

Quarles, Devin Anthony

Reinhold, Dominic Austin

Rex, Vanessa Mae

Rholetter, Cole Mitchell

Rice, Hannah Alexis Star

Richard, Cecilia Madalen

Ridgell, Eric Anthony

Ritter, Kaelyn Jean

Rittler, Alexandra Paige

Robertson, Alayna Chassidy

Robinson, Noah Wayne

Robison, Aaliyah Naomi Marie

Roblero Gonzalez, Uriel

Roblero Velasquez, Gilmar Leonel

Roblero, Shirley

Roblero-Rivera, Nalleli Michele

Robuck, Noe'aah Charlie Tatum

Rodriguez-Escobar, Sara Merari

Ross, Tristan Cole

Russell, Calista Lynn

Samuel, Rashawn Everett

Santizo Morales, Adolfo Emanuel

Santizo Perez, Oneyda

Savoy, Trinity Venae

Schmidt, Zackery Michael

Schwartz, Kendall Marie

Schweiger, Raegan Star

Scott, Cody Austin

Seigler, Kiersten Mackenzie

Shepherd, Anthony James Thomas

Shoaf, Emma May

Simms, Dominick Leonard

Smith, Alexander Jakob

Smith, Alexis Schuyler

Smith, Justin Hawk

Smith, Kayla Marie

Smith, Keara Lynn

Spencer, Brooklynn Michelle

Stafford, Morgan Emily

Stormes, Ethan Michael

Strange, Colson Roy

Strite, Brianna Jane

Taylor, Deacon Jacob

Thawley, Ashlyn Cadence

Thawley, Cailey Anne

Thomas Jr, Jarvis Jason

Thomas, Hayden Louis

Thomason, William Lane

Thompson, Alexis Renee

Thompson, Katelynn Marie

Tomas-Macario, Jairo Galindo

Tribbett, Brady Franklin

Tribbett, Taylor Renee

Tu, Jessica Kim

Tucker, Kamryn Jay

Turner, Chelsea Lynn

Turner, Isaiah Thomas

VanDyke, Morgan Taylor

Vasquez, Lindsay Darlene

Vasquez-Trigueros, Yoni Eduardo

Veil, Jacob Scott

Velasquez-Ramirez, Henry Adalberto

Virts Jr, John Raymond

Vogt, Garrett Michael

Walstrum, Owen Robert

Warner, Verquan Wayne

Weber, Tyson Richard Damon

Whitson, Natalie Ann

Wilkerson, Alexandra Grace

Willey, Amelia Louise

Wood, Dylan Burton

Wood, Tannor Landon

Woods, William Alexander

Young, Kaylyn Anna

Merit Honor Roll Students

Adams, Jordan Elizabeth

Adams, Myles William

Al-Bakri, Sarah

Andebo, Biruk Milkyas

Anderson, Blaine Joseph

Anderson, Natalie Shea

Asim, Fajar

Asim, Fatima

Aviles, David Xzaiver

Ayala, Angelique Natalie

Bacon Jr, Joshua Lee

Bacorn, Jack Carl

Baiers, Amber Michelle

Bailey, Ashlee Lynn

Barbour, Kylie Savannah

Barr, Kayleigh Nichole

Barrett, Ava Grace

Barrett, Daniel Sean

Bartz, Madelyn Marie

Bautista-Cifuentes, Shirley Yohana

Bautista-Fuentes, Nicole

Beales, Emma Beth

Beauchemin, James Bernard Beau

Beauchemin, Kelly Leigh

Bedo, Landon Jeremy

Beebe-Cunningham, Layla Elizabeth

Belay, Grace Elizabeth

Bell, Nasai Shane

Bennett, Hope Elizabeth

Berduo, Andrew Abraham

Berneski, Alyssa Raine

Bisesi, Reece Elizabeth

Bishop, Carson Edward

Black, Dylan Jacob

Blades, Leslie Marie

Blades, Olivia Isabel

Blake, Braxton Amare

Blue, Claire Mackenzie

Bowie, Nicholas Ryan

Braband, Madison Leigh

Braden, Jessica Elaine

Braden, Joshua Joseph

Brandt, Macy Katherine

Brandt, Taryn Ireland

Breeding, Ryleigh Mae

Britton, Skyler Mae

Brooks, Da'Niya Anyae'

Brooks, Elijah Jadon Lee

Brown-Varon, Emmy Johanah

Brown, Ayiana Son Riza

Brown, Sarah Angeni

Burns, Lucas Elliot

Burns, Seth Edward

Butler, Marlee Elle

Cacayuran, Kristine Anne Dulay

Cadden, Londyn Gabryelle

Cahall, Mackenzie Elizabeth

Cain, Sophia Eleanor

Calloway, Gracie Lynn

Canter, Ryan Christopher

Carpenter, Jacob Ryan

Carr, Kesley Lynn

Carreto-Gomez, Vasti Andrea

Carroll, Kayla Beth

Casamento, Mackenzie Lee

Castro-Bautista, Ximena

Castro-Muro, Miguel Anjel

Castro-Ramirez, Jimmy

Chalupa-Roop Jr, Christopher Frank

Chambers, Rebeccah June

Champagne, Xavier Todd

Chong, Emily Nicole

Christopher, Connor Emerson

Christopher, Julie Ann

Citro, Delaney Brynn

Clark, Dandridge Augustus

Clark, Schuyler David

Claro, Jai Rafael

Cohoon, James Everett

Collier, Alexis Cay

Connatser, Landen Manson

Connors, Christopher Daniel

Cordrey, Marcella Grace

Courie, Leland Nuit

Crenshaw, Robert Zachary

Crenshaw, Veronica Quinn

Criss, Angela Laryssa

Cronin, Katelyn Elizabeth

Damiloski, Jenna Hoa Hai

Dansker, Emma Nicole

Daucher, Kaitlyn May

Davis, Christopher Joseph

Davis, Emma Margaret

Davis, Haley Renee

Deck, Eric Lee

DePasquale, Camilla Ann

Dionicio Bautista, Suani Marisa

Dixon, Claire Leigha

Dixon, Genevieve Irene

Dominguez Aguilar, Wilder Waldemar

Dyer, Illyana Faith

Eaton, Kaitlyn Nicole

Eaton, Wyatt Howard

Eckrich, Matthew Jeffrey

Ege, Morgan Elizabeth

Eigenbrode, Elizabeth Louise

Engles, Kylie Renee

Ennals, Sa'Mauria De'Yanna

Escalante Gonzalez, Alexandra Mayari

Espil, Madelyn Persephone

Esterson, Allison Lynn

Esterson, Bradley Vincent

Faulkner, Brady Alan

Faulkner, Cadyn James

Faulkner, Camryn Grace

Feigh, Violet Leilani

Fimbres, Felix Maxwell

Foster, Erica Leanne

Foster, Jahzara Renee

Frankhouser, Mackenzie Lin

Friel, Nathan Drummond

Fuentes-Dionicio, Yesennia Fernanda

Fuentes-Orozco, Daniel David

Garcia-Escalante, Melina Daizy

Garey, Brooke Makayla

Garrison, Selaya Carine

Gauck, Brooke Abigail

George, Payton Piper

Ghrist, Hatteras Katharine

Gleaton, Kerrigan Noelle

Gleockler, Aro Lynn

Gleockler, Graham Colton

Gomez-Chavez, Silvana Ema

Gonzalez-Travis, Mariela Giselle

Goss, Samuel Adam

Greeno, Isabelle Marie

Greenway, Samantha Jolee

Grenadier Jr, Michael David

Guzman Becerra, Victor Kevin

Hagan, Rylee Elizabeth

Hall, Delaney Lee

Hall, Justice Ashton

Harding, Emma Nellie

Harless, Sadi Addison

Harned, Logan Tony

Harrell, Gage Arnold

Harris, Nicholas Andrew

Haught, Brooke Marcy

Hawkins, Kyren De'von

Hedge, Ethan Duke

Heimbuch, Ethan Patrick

Helsel, Dallas James

Hennessy, Alexandra Josephine

Herold, Candice Renee

Herrell, Gracelynn Anne

Hicks, Taniya Marie

Higgs, Lewis Griffin

Hofmann, Julianne Elisabeth

Hoggard, Julia Grace

Hoofnagle, Cody Ryan

Hoover, Jacob Wyatt

Hoover, Kacheana Maleya

Hucker, Kayla Nicole

Hughes, Eion Daniel

Hulburt, Samuel Wallace

Hunt, Amira Nicole

Hunt, Jordyn Skyler

Hurwitz, Madison Renee

Huster, Joshua Jeffrey

Hutchison, Anna Marie

Hynson, Hezakyah Montrell

Ingram, Maggie Rose

Ireland, Christopher Ian

Ixlaj-Fuentes, Mireya Lisseth

Jacotin, Smolenskaia Petrova

Jennette, Anna Joyce

Johnson II, Lawrence William

Johnson Jr, Gary Kevin

Johnson, Elizabeth Joy

Johnston, Tamya Brianna

Jones, Abigail Brooke

Jones, Mabrey Annelle

Jones, Nolan Daniel

Karnes, Jana Noelle

Keating, Emma Marie

Kelidis, Colin James

Kelley, Abigail Joy

Kelley, Jordan Isaiah

Kent, Hayden Riley

Kercheval, Caroline Ashley Morgan

Kerstetter, Kelly Rose

Kimble, Emily Michelle

King, Cameron Andrew

Knauss, Lukas Street

Knight, Jada Paige

Knott, Elizabeth Ruth

Knott, Morgan Ryan

Korat, Om Jayesh

Lahnemann, Christian Emerson

Lannon, Zelie Lynn

Larios-Mercado, Erick

Laurenfant, Jayden Antwan

Lawry, Ashleigh Meredith

Layton, Taylor Lynn

Leach, Rose Marie

Leneski, Patrick Michael

Lewis, Jessi Ellana

Lewis, Kadon Eric

Lewis, Mattison Angellee

Libby, Bree Anna

Liles, Aiden Nicholas

Linares-Ballesteros, Dennys Alonso

Link, Jesse Jewell

Livingstone, David Elliot

Lofland, Liam Bryant

Lopez Paz, Kendy Estrellita

Lopez Reyes, Erick Esau

Lopez, Caden Harry

Lorenc, Abigail Lauren

Lorenc, Madeline Ruth

Lorenzo-Velasquez, Jansy Lizeth

Luna, Michael Estuard

Lynn, Austin Riley

Maans, Camille Elise

MacFarland, Shelby Brynn

Maldonado, Edward Antonio

Mallon, Enrique Mochca

Manning, Kayla Marie

Manno, Lauren Nicole

Marroquin Mendez, Juan Omar

Martin, Nevin Layne

Martinez, Kylie Laiel

Massey, Jimere Darnell

Mateos, Cristal

Mathis, Cheyenne Maxine

Matthews, Emily Martha Michele

Matthews, Olivia Grace Marlene

Maybury, Brianna Lynn

Mazariegos Diaz, Yesica Maria

Mazariegos-Raymundo, Josselyn Judith

McNinch, Madison Blair

Mengel, Samuel Grant

Millard, Alexis Mackenzie

Miller, Alina Ann

Miller, William Louis

Miron, Tailynn Rae

Mitchell, Leah Grace

Mitchell, Taylor Elise

Mohn Jr, Jeffrey Ryan

Monter Casio, Leslie

Moody, Logan Ward

Moody, Taylor Lynn

Moore, Andreya Denise

Morales, Betsy Paola

Morley, Andrew Thomas

Morris Jr, Thomas Joseph

Morris, Hannah Elizabeth

Morris, Jack Shreve

Morton, Ashlynn Margaret

Mousty, Agathe Tais

Murray, Ta'Nizah Denae

Myers, Jackson Lance

Myers, Julia Kay

Newman, Natellie Reagan

Nichols, Leondrea Gerniya

Nicholson, Madison Grace

O'Brien, Gavin Richard

O'Keefe, Sophia Ruth

Ogden, Hayden James

Ogden, Kylie Rae

Ordonez, Sofia Elena

Ortiz Berduo, Cender Alexander

Parenteau, Sidney Marie

Paswater, Makena Marin

Patel, Rudra Jaymin

Peach, Eamon Spencer

Pearce, Maddox Alexander

Perez Galan, Katie Rosario

Perez-Lopez, Carida Marisa

Perez-Padilla, Grace Alejandra

Perez-Reyes, Keily Araseli

Perry, Kesai Ashaun

Phillips, Malayah Precious

Piavis, Henry Paul

Piavis, Owen Michael

Pierce, Kaliyah Nevae

Pinder, Ashlynn Paige

Pinder, Brennan Charles

Porter, Hailey Elizabeth

Porter, Madelyn Mary

Powell, Zion Ellington

Pritchett, Aaronn Joseph Allen

Proctor, Jada Destiney

Proctor, Shyla Skye

Proud, Danniele Raeann

Quarles, Kadence Emilee

Radcliffe, Jonathan Gardiner

Raeder, Ethan Louis

Ragione, Logan David

Ramirez Perez, Miqueas Andres

Ramirez-Gonzalez, Sofia Kalany

Ramirez-Perez, Maria Esther

Ramos Pinzon, Kevin Ronaldo

Ratcliff, Mason Hunter

Reed, Kyle Allen

Reid, Amylia Jayden

Renee, Alice Michel

Reynoso Perez, Astrid Madely

Rice, Akayshia Tanae

Richards, Jason Louis

Ridgell, Danielle Marie

Ridgell, Linda Ann

Riggins, Alayna Noelle

Ringgold, Izabella Marie

Rizer, Morgan Brook

Roberts, Jackson Thomas

Roberts, Jordyn Leigh

Roblero Gomez, Dulce Maria

Roblero Ortiz, Anderson Arnoldo

Roblero-Capistran, Itzel Yoaneli

Roblero-Rodriguez, Javier Alexis

Roblero-Velasquez, Yossin

Robuck, Avalon Gwynn

Rodgers, Amayah Jael

Rodriguez-Trejo, Adrienna

Rogers, Julia Grace

Rogers, Megan Elizabeth

Ross, Madolin Amy

Ross, Raylynn Lee

Rostien, Dylan Jacob

Rubio Angeles, Miranda Guadalupe

Ruff, Kiersten Brooke

Rupp, Lily Nicole

Rupp, Seanna Mae

Russell, Ayden Jeremiah

Russell, Camryn

Russell, Emma Cecelia

Russell, Leona Nicole

Saathoff, David Andrew

Saathoff, Mackenzie Noelle

Sanchez-Pantoja, Irma Stephanie

Santizo-Morales, Joanna Lisbet

Santizo-Morales, Sherlin Mishell

Sartwell, Kelsie Ann

Savelli, Ava Genevieve

Schall, Riley Jane

Scharf, Dandy Matt

Schlesner, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Schreyer, Mia Isabel

Schwaeble, George Philip

Scott, Jayden Noah

Seale, Hailey Elizabeth

Seehafer, Katlyn Marie

Shamp, Rowan Claire

Shanks, Ryan Jacob

Shilling, Mason James

Shockley, Eric Christian

Shreves, Sabrina Marie

Simering, Chase Kaydon

Simmons, Quincy Linda

Smallwood, Joseph Thomas

Smith, Allysia Paiten

Sonzone, Dante Giovanni

Sparks, William Henry

Speas, Emily Madison Marie

Squitieri, Christian Holden

Stafford, Alayna Nicole

Stafford, Rayne Lynne

Stevens, Matilda Jocelyn

Stone, Sophia Elizabeth

Strange, Daylon Thomas

Strickland, Tyliyah Atlen

Sullivan, Brooke Margaret

Tennant, Alexa Elise

Terhune, Abry Marie

Thayer, Bailey Elizabeth

Thomas, Haley Alexandra

Thomason, Aleah Catherine

Thompson, Da'nia Dior

Thompson, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Thompson, Michael Allen

Thompson, Sydney Janee

Thornton, Lillian Helen

Thornton, Matthew Thomas

Timmons, Kendra Ann

Torres-Perez, Michael

Toulson, Leilani

Towers, Trent James

Travis-Shuler, Savannah Kyleigh

Tribbett, Calleigh Renee

Tribbitt, Katelyn Dawn

Trippett, Kiera Brooke

Tucker, Maddisen Paige

Tucker, Payton Elizabeth

Turner Jr, Travis Sentell

Turner, Grace Olivia

Turner, Joseph Raymond

Turner, Steven Alexander

Turner, Taylor Jean

Tuttle, Alexis Jane

Valltos, Lillian Frances

Vargas Villacorta, Evamarie

Vasquez Lopez, Michelle Loreti

Vasquez Mejia, Marvi Rubelio

Vasquez, Joel Alberto

Velasquez Orozco, Magdy Yareni

Velasquez-Cifuentes, Dana Sophia

Velasquez-Ramirez, Cristian Ronaldo

Velez Guzman, Lara Angelina

Vicente Velasquez, Jose Julio

Wallace, Liam Christopher

Walstrum, Riley Elizabeth

Walter, Blayne Andrew

Warner Jr, Dontay Lamont

Warner, Jaeden Ray

Watts, Zyell Jahiza

Weaverling, Roger Miguel

Weishaupt, Nicholas James

Welch, Lillian Grace

Wetzel, Kayla Marie

White, Rebecca Ann

Wielgosz, Kayla Lea

Wilkerson, Joshua Matthew

Williams, Lillian Paige

Wondrash, Haley Dawn

Wood, Conner Ethan

Woodworth, Isabella Jane

Woodworth, Maynard Beckett

Wormuth, Alexander William

Wright, Aaron Noah

Wurtz, Gabrielle Nicole

Yon, Sophia Mackenzie

Perfect Attendance Students

Aguilar Carreto, Mike Wilfredo

Aguilar-Mazariegos, Brayan Alexis

Beales, Emma Beth

Bessix, Zaneithen Escibar

Black, Paris Ann

Bouchat, Nicholas Howard

Britton, Skyler Mae

Casamento, Mackenzie Lee

Chambers, Rebeccah June

Citro, Delaney Brynn

Dansker, Emma Nicole

Davis, Will Pierson

Durr, Keira Jade

Esterson, Alexander Robert

Esterson, Allison Lynn

Garland, Isabella Blair

Goss, Samuel Adam

Grenadier Jr, Michael David

Guardado Torres, Christopher Ivan

Hagey, Jason McKenna

Hagey, Kole Hunter

Hall, Justice Ashton

Hedge, Ethan Duke

Hennessy, Alexandra Josephine

Higgs, Lewis Griffin

Hoover, Jacob Wyatt

Hulburt, Samuel Wallace

Huster, Joshua Jeffrey

Keating, Emma Marie

Keaveney II, Patrick John

Knauss, Claire Marie

Knauss, Lukas Street

Korell, Alexiz Leigh

Laurenfant, Jayden Antwan

Lawry, Ashleigh Meredith

Lewis, Kadon Eric

Lopez Paz, Kendy Estrellita

Lopez, Selena Ann

Luna, Michael Estuard

Lynn, Austin Riley

Martin, Nevin Layne

Mengel, Samuel Grant

Mohn Jr, Jeffrey Ryan

Morales Ramirez, Sheyly

Morris Jr, Thomas Joseph

O'Brien, Gavin Richard

Paswater, Chaise Mara

Perez-Reyes, Keily Araseli

Perry, Kesai Ashaun

Pham, Ngoc Mai

Pinder, Brennan Charles

Powell, Zion Ellington

Pritchett, Paige Eden

Seale, Hailey Elizabeth

Shamp, Rowan Claire

Smallwood, Joseph Thomas

Smith, Luke Austin

Sonzone, Dante Giovanni

Squitieri, Christian Holden

Stafford, Morgan Emily

Syring, Alexandria Ellen

Thompson, Da'nia Dior

Thornton, Lillian Helen

Thornton, Matthew Thomas

Tisher, Evan Alexander

Tu, Jessica Kim

Tucker, Payton Elizabeth

Turner, Steven Alexander

Ventura-Tomas, Ayda

Wallace, Liam Christopher

Walstrum, Owen Robert

Warner Jr, Dontay Lamont

Warner, Jaeden Ray

Warner, Jaylen Ian

Weir, Robert Drake

White, Rebecca Ann

Wondrash, Haley Dawn

School Based Health Centers

A reminder: In partnership with Choptank Community Health System, we have high quality, convenient healthcare and dental services facility located right in our school.

Medical: If your child starts to feel sick at school, the school nurse can refer them to the school based health center, with parent permission. A Choptank Health provider will conduct an exam, run diagnostics, and even call in a prescription if necessary – all without leaving school. Records will be shared with your child’s doctor and if ongoing care is required, this will also be coordinated with the doctor.

Dental: The Choptank dental team will be at school later this year. Services include screenings, cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and emergency visits with care coordinated with your child’s primary dentist.

Insurance & Fees: Choptank Health accepts most insurance plans and has a sliding fee scale for eligible families without insurance.

For more information, check out this video https://vimeo.com/752117901

Enroll today –

English - https://hipaa.jotform.com/222694867801163

Spanish https://hipaa.jotform.com/222705064234145

Creole https://hipaa.jotform.com/222705543662152

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Educators Rising

  • Educators Rising is hosting a Little Caesars fundraiser to help support our club throughout the remainder of this school year. Educators Rising is a group of students joined together that wish to become future educators. The kits will be delivered via FedEx directly to your doorstep and will be processed as soon as you place the order! The fundraiser begins November 1, 2022 and runs until January 30, 2023. If you wish to purchase and help support our fundraiser, the following link can take you to a general page for the entire group. https://fundraising.littlecaesars.com/fundraisers/support/47e77e6b-d13d-42ca-9277-dcae4b8637d6

Senior Class

Once again the Class of 2023 is selling Bulldog Cards. The Card is valid through 9/30/23 and includes discounts at the following locations:

Applebees -10% off

Dairy Queen - $3.00 off a cake

La Delzia - 10% off

Arby's - 10% off

Dominos - Buy 1 Large Pizza/Get 1 Free

Pizza Empire - 10% off

Bullocks - Free Kiddie Scoop

Substation - $1.00 off

Taco Bell - Free Medium Drink

Along with discounts at Curl Up & Dye, Sports Clip, Jiffy Lube, Wendy's, Valvoline, and Endless Summer Tanning

Cards are $10/each. Please email or see Mrs. Belay to pick up your cards. They make great stocking stuffers!


Sophomore Ring Order Day

Josten's will be here on December 8th for Sophomore Ring Orders during all lunches. Stop by guidance to pick your ring packet up before order day.


Maryland State Financial Aid Application

The Maryland Higher Education Commission is happy to announce that the 2023-2024 Maryland State Financial Aid Application (MSFAA) is now available! Students can access the MSFAA through their MDCAPS accounts. Initial applicants must create a student login.

OSFA will begin to identify potentially eligible GA applicants based on the income information reported on the FAFSA/MSFAA from the 2021 tax year.

The 2023-2024 Guaranteed Access Grant (GA) has the following priority deadline dates:

· March 1, 2023 – Final deadline date to complete the 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applicants can complete the FAFSA using the following link; https://studentaid.gov/.

· OSFA urges all applicants to complete the FAFSA as early as possible. The 2023-2024 FAFSA became available on October 1, 2022.

· March 15, 2023 – Priority filing date – all required documentation is due.

· Applicants who submit all required documents prior to March 15, 2022 will receive an award notification by April 15, 2023

· As a reminder, students will not be able to upload their high school transcript until after 01/01/2023.

· May 15, 2023 – Final date to submit all required documents.

· Applicants who do not submit all required documents by this date, become ineligible for the grant.

As a reminder, students will not be able to upload their high school transcript until after 01/01/2023.


New ones are being added to the list - check out the JPK Scholarship (For all students planning on attending a 2 or 4 year college) and the Zora Gruwell Scholarship (For students who plan to attend a pubic in-state school such as College Park, Salisbury, Towson, Frostburg, Bowie, etc)

Simply follow these steps to access the applications through your schoology account:

1. Once in schoology, click the tab labeled Groups

2. Click on the Class of 2023 Icon

3. On the left hand side, click on discussions

4. You will then see a link labeled scholarships

5. Click on scholarships and read through to see which ones you are qualified for, new ones are added to the bottom of the list on a regular basis

6. APPLY! Please pay attention to the deadlines


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Bullying and Harassment reporting form

Administration and Guidance Counselors


Mr. Matt Spiker - Principal (12th grade)

Ms. Erin Adams - Assistant Principal (9th grade)

Mr. Thomas Jefferson- Assistant Principal (11th grade)

Ms. Jeannine Necessary - Assistant Principal (10th grade)

Guidance Counselors:

Ms. Tricia Bolduc (9th grade)

Ms. Virginia Belay (A-D)

Ms. Lori Crisafulli (E-K)

Ms. Jackie Holtzman (L-Q)

Ms. Ann Ferkler (R-Z)

Technology issues please contact:



Caroline County Public Schools prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, and in employment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or disability.