Enthusiasm Among Leaders

Emma Ashooh- Leadership S1


Enthusiasm is shown in a leader when they have passion for what they are doing. They also show intensity and eagerness toward the topic and have knowledge about it. Complaining and not being excited about doing something is not having enthusiasm.
Team Leader Funny

Ant Video

The ants in this video, both the leader and the followers, show much enthusiasm toward their jobs. They take it very seriously as you can see how quickly they jump into action when one of their members is about to be eaten. Without enthusiasm, they would not have gotten into the ball that quickly and therefore would not have been able to save their friend.
Enthusiasm - Marine Corps Leadership Traits

Marine Corps Leadership Traits

This video does a great job of explaining what enthusiasm is and then giving examples of why it is good for a leader to have this trait in real life situations and how it may be useful.


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