Bullets and Ballots Simulation


Groups involved and power.

Groups invloved in the Bullets and Ballots game were the Guatemalan Government, USA, Peasants, Guerillas, and the Army and Wealthy.  At the begining of month one the Government was a puppet government being controlled by the Army and Wealthy.  The Army and Wealthy had the most MSUs and the peasants had the least.

The power is shifting!

The power started shifting shorly after the game started.  One of the peasants switched to the guerillas.  In doing so the Guerillas got 10 of the peasants MSUs.  After the speaches durning descision time the Government got most of the Peasants, US and the Guerillas in a allience the Army and Wealthy did not know about.  At the end of month one the Army and Wealthy lanched a takeover and have said we will have a election.  In the election and Bella as vice president ran for the Army and Weathy and Garrett as predident and Eve as vice president ran for the Guatemalan Government.  Garrett and Eve won!  After the election Garrett wrote a treaty stating that the Government, US, Peasants, and the Guerillas would like to combine there MSUs together to over power the Army and Weathy.  After this treaty got accepted the Government moved around the MSUs to a egual amount between Guerillas and Peasants, a less amount to the Army ans Wealthy and more to Government itself.  Then four peasants moved to the Guerillas which caused the Guerillas to gain 40 MSUs making it have the most power!  By this time it is the end of the game and the Guerillas continue to have the greatest amount of power.

Cooperation. Conflict. USA.

Positive or Negitive?

When powers shift in a country the role of what the groups do become different.  For example if the Guerillas had the least amount of power then the Guerillas wouldn't have that much responsibiliy.  But then if there was a power shift and they became the group with the most MSUs the the power along with the resbonsibilitIy would go up.  the effects on power shifts are moderate they differ.  It all depends on when and what group.  If the Government gains many MSUs in a month that is a positive effect for them but a negitive effect for the Army and Weathy because they are loosing power.

My Life!

Me and my mom, I would say have a good relationship.  Although we do fight a lot for the majority of the time we get along fine.  A example of cooperation between me and my mom is if she asks me to do the dishes and I do them.  A example of conflict is if I ask if I can have someone over and she says no but I don't understand why so I keep fighting her and fighting her untill she goes crazy.  Now me and my sister have a different kind of relationship it is mostly fighting you will rare you will ever find us getting along.  We cooperate when we work together to get somthing done.  Conflict is evident when we both have the same friend.  In all of my relationships there are conflicts and cooperation just like in the Bullets and Ballets game.