Miss Porter's Class

May 26, 2015

As the year ends....

It has been a busy several weeks, as you know, and there are many things to give you updates on. Please read on to get detailed info on all of the goings on these last few weeks of the year.

There is WCS Board meeting on Thursday, June 11th at the Pebblewood Campus. Parents are always welcome at Board meetings; there are reports given from Mr. Eick, Mrs. Eick, Mrs. Battin and Ms. Wilhelm on the status of our school and the many events that are happening each month. Please try to join us- you do get Parent Hours for attending!

Mr. Eick recently announced to staff that I will be moving to the Pebblewood campus next year as the 6th grade Humanities teacher. I am super excited about working with kids I taught as kindergartens and 3rd graders, and super pleased to be able to see your kids as 5th graders at PW. I will always be there for you and your kids- no matter what school your family may be choosing. Of course I encourage you to stick with WCS- we will have an amazing brand-new campus in 2017 and our middle school program was recently awarded a Gold Ribbon award for Excellence from the State of California. Check it out: http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr15/yr15rel37.asp

Pioneer Day is Thursday, June 11th. Almost all volunteer spots are full! We have one more opportunity this year with Field Day on the last day of school, June 17th. Details will be provided soon!

We will be showing the “Always Changing” video to parents to preview on Monday, June 1st at 6pm in Miss Hewitt's classroom. Forms need to be turned in to me no later than Friday, June 5th. 4th grade classes will be viewing it Friday, June 12th.

June 16th is our 3rd Trimester Academic Awards Ceremony- details will be coming soon!

Curriculum Update

Stay in Touch

Email is the very best way to get in touch with me, but text message is pretty handy, too! If you use my phone number, please text message, rather than call or leave voicemail. I prefer not to answer the phone in class, but it's really easy to glance at a text message. If you want to speak with me, just send me a message and we can set up a meeting in person or just a set a good time for me to call you.

Pioneer Day

Thursday, June 11th, 7:45am-4pm

Del Paso Campus

Students and volunteers need to be in Pioneer Gear! I recall visiting a few thrift stores when my daughter went to Sutter's Fort some years ago and finding things that worked quite well!

Pioneer Day will be held here and NP3 campus on Thursday, June 11th. We are especially in need of chairpersons for each station. Chairpersons make sure that all volunteer tasks are covered, and determine with volunteers if they will work in shifts or all remain at the station during the day. The school provides all supplies.

· Students are asked to wear “pioneer” costumes on this day. Girls can wear pioneer dresses, Native American dresses, aprons, bonnets, and/or shawls. Boys can wear military uniforms, trapper clothing, leather vests, trousers/knickers, hats, etc. Most will find great options at Salvation Army, consignment shops or borrowing from friends who have attended this event in the past. Here are a few links for those who wish to consider costume rentals: http://www.clothesenoughcostumes.com/#!costumes/c12kd orhttps://squareup.com/market/pioneer-costume-rental or https://www.evangelines.com/ or contact Elva Salgado at americanhistorycostumecloset@yahoo.com .

Westlake Association of Volunteer Explorers!

Check out what WAVE is all about on our school website: http://westlakecharter.com/wave/

Please take some time to attend WAVE meetings this year! There are so many opportunities for you to donate your time and earn volunteer hours. Even attending the meetings will go toward your volunteer hours! Here is the link to the schedule of meetings this year: http://westlakecharter.com/wave/wave-meetings/