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Every Service and Product has a market - Without effective Sales & Marketing - It Vanishes

I am a Sales & Marketing professional who can assist you in number of aspects namely.

1. Designing a professional Logo.

2. Creating your own Web space (Responsive Website)

3. Making effective presentations.

4. Professional photography to show your story with pictures

5. Cartoon Videos ( Showing your story )

6. Content writing and Blogging.

7. Designing effective Sales & Marketing strategy so you can reach your target market

8. Advise on driving Traffic on Your website using SEO.

I have over 8 years of experience in almost 7 countries and have worked with some of the well known MNCs, assisted businesses in Construction, Retail, Cosmetics, Trading, Restaurant and have diverse and multifaceted interests.

You can be a small restaurant owner, a start up with a great product or service or a medium sized firm into any industry and domain but in need of effective marketing and sales strategy that rightly fits your need.

I offer reasonable services only because i am a student for now and giving life to your venture would help me alleviate my skills further.

Look no further. Email now with your requirements and ill call you back.