The Truth About Natural Gas Energy

Things you don't know about Natural Gas Ene


One of the most debated things about natural gas is the way it is reached. Fracking is when chemicals that cause pollution to our water goes into the ground to find the natural gas.Fracking has also been known to cause earthquakes. Also the transportation of it through pipes can leak and cause safety hazards.When drilling into the ground huge amounts of methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas is released into the air.


Across the United States scientists have been noticing areas near fracking locations are being shook by earthquakes. They believe that the earthquakes are caused by hydraulic fracturing,by the fracking. One major place that is having earthquakes due to fracking is Oklahoma.

Pictures showing the truth about fracking.

Fracking mainly causes earthquakes from 2-3 magnitudes.


Pollution is also one of the major issues with natural gas energy. The chemicals used during fracking goes into our water systems and pollutes it. Animal life is also affected by the noxic water some swim in and the animals that drink it.

The end to fracking for natural gas

Across the United States people are protesting to the stop of fracking. From pollution to earthquakes they think there are many hazardous things about it.