November 2022 Principal Newsletter

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With the arrival of November comes excitement for many about the changing seasons and upcoming holidays, traditions, and outings of which we take part. I hope you are able to build great memories with your families doing even the simple things like nature walks and baking together. I recently ate way too many peanut butter cookies as a result of Jones family baking a weekend ago. Memories . . . build them . . . talk about them . . . and celebrate family.
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Measure G Information for Upcoming Elections in November This provides a link to the welcome page which has been dedicated to facts and information about the upcoming bond measure. It provides access to FAQs as well. This page includes the full FMP. This provides visuals and descriptions of projects that have been identified as Phase 2 priorities should additional funding become available. It also provides a link to the full FMP and informs the community that they can view it in person at our Civic Center Library or District Office.

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The day after Halloween, November 1, is a District-wide professional development day. This is a non-student day.

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This month I'd like to launch a recurring theme for my newsletters: social emotional learning competencies, which our staff foster daily. You are likely supporting at home too perhaps without even giving it much thought. The five areas are: self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, self-management, and relationship skills.

In spinning the wheel . . . self-management was the winner this month.

Self-management is defined as "the ability to successfully regulate one's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations - effectively managing stress, controlling impulses, and motivating oneself. The ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals."

Our students experience a variety of emotions daily and have the opportunity to practice their self-management skills here at Jackson Ave, but also at home with your support.

In order to support our TK-2 students, a great place to focus is helping to identify and practice using words to share their emotions about a situation. Naming emotions is a powerful step to determining how best to respond rather than react. A second component of self-management for our TK-2 students is developing competency in naming the steps needed to accomplish short-term goals. Related to a homework assignment or chore, asking your child what she needs in order to complete it supports language and organization, as well. With stressful days, slowing down can be a challenge, but doing so is great for growing self-management skills in our youngest students.

3-5 students are generally more skilled and can not only express their feelings in a respectful way, but also demonstrate skills to respond appropriately. Taking brave breaths is great for everyone, as is talking through feelings, taking a break, and identifying a small vs large problem. Our older students can move beyond the TK-2 skill levels oftentimes; evaluating what could have been done differently to achieve a goal or identifying strategies that proved successful are time well spent. Fostering independence can be done through supportive questioning, as well: What do you need to achieve today? What could you do differently? How can you find the answer to that?

Next month I will explore responsible decision making . . .

Together We Are Stronger!

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