Energy from the earth

What is energy and why do we need it?

Over time, energy has come to mean many things to us. In physical science, energy means the ability to do work. Work means a change in position, speed, state, or form of matter. Therefore, energy is the capacity to change matter.

Everything we do involves energy. Getting up, going to school, and doing chores require energy. In fact, everything that happens in the universe, from the eruption of volcanoes, to the sprouting of seed, to the moving of people, takes energy. When we turn on a motor, drive a car, cook on a stove or switch on a light, we are using energy.

Why do we need energy?

We need energy for lights, electronics, electricity, technology, electric cars, cooking, washing and being able to have a wash in the shower. Banks today also use a lot of electricity, with the credit cards. If we did not have energy we would not be able to use all these things!!!

What do we use to provide our energy at the moment?

We can get energy in many different ways. We can get electricity from the sun, the wind and water. But many companies are digging up fossil fuels to make electricity. This is destroying our planet by the minute. Our oceans are rising, our air is getting filled with bad green house gases. If we don't react now our planet with change, and not for the better, but for the worst. We should be using solar powered energy and wind powered energy and not destroy Earth!

What are fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are formed for remains of dead animals and plants. They take thousands of millions of years to produce. Fossil fuels include coal natural gases as well as petroleum. Many different companies use fossil fuels to make things, such as plastic, steel and many more materials. Power plants burn fossil fuels to produce electricity for houses, schools, cars and factories and much more. Most of the energy we humans use in modern day lives today is consisted of different fossil fuels.

Climate change problems

Climate change is moving faster than man can produce it. Soon we are all going to run out of gas! Oil, coal and gas are three things we need in every day life, but since everyone is using these three fossil fuels we are running out of them. If we don't stop using so much of them and find new resources we re in big trouble!

Swedish Solution

Sweden is using trash for energy. All their waste is sorted and then burned to use for energy. They use glass, paper, food scraps and other recyclable objects. This a replacement for burning fossil fuels to make energy. They take the U.K's trash as well as their own and burn that as well. This brilliant idea is something everyone should be doing to save fossil fuels as well as not polluting! But unfortunately this business is doing only 50% when it is suppose to be at 100%. This is one way to save the planet a little more!
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Where do we get fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels form over 1000 years. When a tree falls it takes over 1000 years to make coal. But, now man kind is taking advantage of that. Everyday people are digging up fossil fuels when they should be using sun or wind power. One day, if man does not stop, everyone is going to wake up and not find any more fossil fuels. It will be the end of the Earth as we today know it. Everyone should use the different types of ways to make energy!

What happens when we burn them?

When a factory burns fossil fuels it releases gases in to the air we breath, these gases are called green house gases. This is a problem because it is not good for us to be inhaling and exhaling these gases, but it is not only bad for us, but for the planet. We have the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful hot rays of the Sun. The impact of the green house gases being released into the air causes it to make a hole in the ozone layer and if we don't stop burning fossil fuels, the ozone layer will cease to exist. There is also another problem, we are using so many fossil fuels for our electricity that we are burning more than the Earth can make. Soon we are going to have to look other places to find fossil fuels, like Antarctic and the arctic. If we do that the Antarctic and the arctic will melt. The cause of this will make sea levels rise 60 meters, and that is only for the Antarctic. This is because Antarctica holds 99% of the world ice. But thanks to a company called 2041 other companies are not allowed to go and dig up Antarctica. Unfortunately this contract expires in 2041, so guides and experts are taking other people to go and see the wonders of Antarctica and see how it would be like without it. Species will become extinct and so will other species who are counting on one another to survive. But we have the power to change all of this!

What are the effects on the environment ?

Burning fossil fuels can cost many effects on the environment. For instant see levels rising 60 meters higher, animal species will extinct which we lead to even more animals because many animals depend on each other. Burning fossil fuels is poluting the air we breath and green house gases are being polluted. In addition to that we are burning fossil fuels which take thousands of years to reproduce and we are using to many than the earth can produce for us. Burning fossil fuels are destroying our planet and fast.

What are the effects on the climate?

If we keep burning fossil fuels not only our environment will change, but the climate as well. It will get much hotter. This is because of the ozone layer being destroyed, the ozone layer is like sun screen to the earth. The climate is going to get hotter because the ozone layer is being damaged and the harmful rays of the Sun are coming through it and burning he artic. The ozone layer is a protection so that the rays of Sun don't burn us and kill us. We need to stop burning fossil fuels before the ozone layer is no longer there!

What can we do to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?

The answer to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels is to stop using them. We have so many more things on this Earth that we can use, solar power and wind power. Not enough people today are using Solar power and Wind power for their daily uses. We should also not use of cars all the time and use public transport or bicycle, scooter or walk. We are also recycling and reusing thing we have already used to make them into something else. There is not only that, but also Sweden is using their trash to produce some of their energy. Things like that if everyone was doing it, could just maybe could save the ozone layer, the Earth and everyone in it!



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