Jeff Hardy

BY: Kevin Nadler

What is this about

This smore page is about the one the only Jeff Hardy on this page i'll take about Jeff from wen He come to the WWE to wen left the WWE let's get stared.
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A fans wish comes to life

in 2006 a boy had a wish to meet Jeff Hardy in person and his wish come true. The boy who seen Jeff hardy had a typ of canser and allways wanted to see Jeff hardy and go in the ring with him.

Jeff Hrady's return

In 2010 Jeff hardy's return's to TNA at the WWE. The TNA wanted Jeff Hardy in the WWE for a wile.
Jeff Hardy Returns to TNA!

Jeff Hardy VS UnderTaker

Taker fights Jeff for the tile and jeff didn't just loss he also win's the UnderTaker repect. the tiled match stared becasue of Jeff hardy kicking UnderTaker in the face and Jeff hardy went in the match becuase of UnderTaker beting Jeff's borther Matt.

Brothers Fight

Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt Hardy fight in a i quit match. The reson Matt vsed Jeff is becuse of be jelis. In the match Matt keep telling Jeff Hardy to quit.

Jeff Hardy's last time in WWE.

In 2011 Jeff Hardy told everyone he is leaveing. The reson Jeff hardy left the WWE was he lost a match aginst C.M.Punk and lost his tiled.
Jeff Hardy say goodbye to WWE Universe

by: C.M.Punk

This is were Jeff hardy is being made fun of. C.M.Punk was out in the ring makeing fun of Jeff Hardy. Wen that stared Jeff hardy had bein trying to face C.M.Punk in the WWE.
CM Punk dressed as Jeff Hardy

Triple H and Jeff hardy

In a match Jeff hardy was being betin in a match. The match was 2 aginst 1 but in the match Jeff Hardy was saved by Triple H. Triple H was Jeff Hardy's tag team pranter. Jeff hardy and Triple H were good freinds in the WWE.
HHH saves Jeff hardy

Now why he needs to come back

know you see why WWE needs him to come back to WWE. If is wasnt for Jeff Hardy the WWE would not have many fans. The WWE might never know is but they will need Jeff Hardy to come back to the WWE