The Reformation.........

What really happened..... By: Candace Myers

What caused The Reformation?

The Reformation first started to happen when the Roman Catholic Church was becoming more focused on land and wealth than about God and the common people of the Roman Catholic Church. This eventually would lead to an uproar about the way the church was leading the people. Jan Hus was one of the first people to start The Reformation. He spoke out against the church and started to preach the Bible to the common people. The church discovered what Hus was doing and they burned him at the stake for heresy against the church.This act of rebellion against the church inspired other people like Martin Luther to speak out against the church.

Martin Luther

What He Did

Martin Luther was a German monk who was so inspired by Jan Hus that he created The 95 Theses. The 95 Theses was a statement that listed 95 things Martin Luther thought was wrong with the Catholic Church. He then nailed this statement against the door of the Catholic Church. Because of Martin Luthers act of protest against the church there became protestant churches such as Methodist,Baptist,Anglican,Lutheran,etc.

Other Important Contributors to The Reformation

Johannes Gutenburg~ He created the printing press which produced more books in your own language,so the common people could read and learn about the Bible. Besides being an inventor he also was a blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and a publisher. Martin Luthers 95 Theses was printed with the printing press which would help broadcast Martin Luthers ideas about anti-indulgences and his other beliefs about the Catholic Church stated in the 95 Theses. This later on would contribute to the invention of newspapers.

King Henry VIII~ He wanted to divorce his wife but the Catholic church wouldn't let him so he started his own church. Today this church is known as the Anglican church. He would also have 5 more wives after he divorced Catherine of Argon. Catherine of Argon was Queen Mary I mother.

Queen Elizabeth I~ She was King Henry VIII second daughter. She was the first Protestant queen. After her half-sister Mary died she stopped what Mary had done during her time as queen by stopping persecution of Christians. However she did not punish Catholics unless they broke the law. She is considered the greatest queen of England. She reigned in England for 44 years until she died. She first became queen when she was 25 years old! She was the last person in the Tudor dynasty.

So what happened afterwards?

Well thanks to all these people who contributed to The Reformation, we now can read the Bible in our own language, we don't have to buy indulgences to go to purgatory, and we don't have to go to the Pope to talk to God. So to wrap things up, everything turned out to be good in the end. Except for poor Jan Hus.

Fun Facts!!!!!

~Christopher Columbus discovered America nine years after Martin Luther was born.

~William Shakespeare would go on to write a play about King Henry VIII called King Henry VIII.

~Queen Elizabeth I was born premature.

~Johannes Gutenburg was the youngest son in his family.