Joel and Josh's Amazing Holiday

-By Joel

Trip To America

Today myself and my friend Josh departed from Sydney Airport at 11:05am on Delta Airlines first class, to arrive at Los Angeles at 8:00pm. The cost of the flight was supprisingly only $22 328 AUD.

Day 1 - 12/2/15

After arriving at the airport, Myself and Josh caught a cab to the Omni hotel, the cab ride wasn't to long but it only cost us both $79 AUD. Luckely there were rooms left and it only cost us

$2768 AUD. We didn't eat that much except the stuff out of the fridge, the small snack cost us $23 AUD, we now know that we should never eat the food out of a hotels minibar as it will cost us a fortune!

Day 2 - 13/2/15

Today we went to an iFly indoor skydiving center, the total cost of out flying was only $200 AUD, we got 2 double length flights each and two DVD's of our flights. After that we walked to KFC and both got "The One" Box for $26 AUD for both of us. We then walked back to our hotel and had a swim in the pool. We then went back up to our room and watched TV until we fell asleep.

Day 3 - 14/2/15

Today wasn't all that exciting, but we are stoked for tomorrow when we go into the PanIQ Ro0m!!! We went out for dinner to a nearby reasturaunt called The Hidden Point, in total we spent $78 AUD on both of our meals. We then went back to our hotel and went to bed.

Day 4 - 15/2/15

Today we got out of bed and ordered room service, we both ordered a Big Breakfast and two orange juices, the total cost of our meal was $45 AUD. We then caught a cab to where the PanIQ Ro0m was located, the drive felt like it was going on forever, but it really only went for 20min. We got out of the cab and paid the driver $34 AUD, we then walked into the PanIQ room...

It was amazing, we where in a group with other strangers that were doing the same room as us, we all worked as a team and within one and a half hours we where out! It only cost us both in total $134 AUD.

Statistics Of Holiday

Total Cost: $25 635

Percentages: (aprox)

Flights: 87.09%

Accommodation: 10.7%

Food: 1.3%

Entertainment: 1.3%

Cabs/Taxis: 0.8%

Distance Traveled:

12 875km