Cali Coasters

"Kick it with Cali Coasters!"

Our pledge to you:

Cali Coasters are lightweight musical coasters that have a speaker underneath of them. These speakers hold your drinks while circulating music throughout the speakers and room. We guarantee that you will love them.

How do you use Cali Coasters?

Cali Coasters start off at about 5 for $18! They are ran by an app, using bluetooth.

You run this technology by downloading the FREE 'CaliCoasters' app. This app is available for iPhones and Android phones. (iPads and other tablets as well). You can pick whether to play Pandora or music off you playlist. The options are endless!

These Cali Coasters weigh about 1lb. They also can come with light up speakers for an extra $2 charge!

Cali Coasters do have more than just one package. We do have premium packs that sell more than 5 coasters.

Cali Coasters are a new fun way to keep up with today's society. And what better than to listen to music while enjoying a drink of some sort?

Get your Cali Coasters today!

Where are we located?

2131 3rd Avenue

San Diego, California.


Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: 11 AM - 5 PM

Sunday: Closed


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Target Market

Cali Coasters target market comes from the population of 8,750,000, with adults with ages anywhere from 18 to 45 years old.

Cali Coasters are a perfect gift for anyone of all ages! Our speakers help you enhance a room by circulating music.

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Summary of Manufacturing Costs:

Cost of Building and Land $39,996.00

+ Cost of Labor $1,100,000.00

+ Cost of Raw Materials $15.00


Summary of Profits:

Total Manufacturing Costs $1,140,011.00

x 1.33


Total Costs:

Total Manufacturing Costs $1,140,011.00

+ Total Profit $1,516,214.63

Total Costs to make Products $2,565,225.63

/ Total Products to be made 875,000

Amount of item $3.06

+ .84 profit

Price per coaster $4.00

The Creators:

Elise Liegel, age 17, and Olivia Jahn, age 16 are the brains of the operation. They designed Cali Coasters because of their love for music and hosting parties. The goal of their business is to encourage social activity and making new friends. Elise and Olivia are passionate about promoting individuality and confidence; with Cali Coasters they are changing the world.