Jean Clouet

By: Maylene LaPress


Jean Clouet, also known as Janet, was born in France in 1485. It is assumed that he spent most of his life in France because he was born and died somewhere with in France. Clouet was rarely documented so researchers do not know about his training or lifestyle. Jean Clouet created paintings and drawings like Guillaume Budé, Mary Stuart, and Henry II. He used chalk and paint to create his works of art. Leonardo da Vinci had a big influence on Clouet's career due to the fact that similar techniques showed up in Clouet's work. He would belong in the Secularism Renaissance Ideal because he mostly drew portraits of the Kings and other important people.
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Henry II as a Child

This painting was created in the first half of the 16th century. You can find this painting in the Musée de Chantilly (Museum of Chantilly). The significance of this photo is that it is a painting of King Henry II as a young boy. This piece of art was painted with oil paint. I found this piece very interesting because it is of King Henry II, the famous King of France, as a child drawn by one of France's famous artists. I find it quite rare that someone would be painting a picture of their leader as a child. This piece is an example of Humanism because it is a painting of a person and Humanism is the belief that humans are the best.