Okanagan Explosion

By Chris Neubauer


The Missionaries Are a christian group and they make missions around the world. From the New York Missionary to the Scottish Missionary. Father Pandosy and some missionaries arrived in North America just before the Cayuse war (1855-!856).


The Missionaries and Father Pandosy arrived in the Okanagan in the fall of 1859. In spring later that year, Father Pandosy build a church in the area now known as the Okanagan Mission. In 1861, 121 people have been baptized in that church.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail

The missionaries used the trail to get to the Okanagan Valley.

Early History

Father Pandosy was born in Marseilles in 1824. He worked in the Oregon territory as a missionary from 1845-1855. While he was there, Pandosy did the first recorded Indian baptism in the area of which is now known as Ellensburg on Nov. 30, 1847. In may 1855, Governor Isaac Ingalls Stevens requested that Pandosy served as an interpreter at a council held at Walla Walla where the Yakima Tribe would sign a treaty. But a fight broke out against the Yakimas. after the fight, Pandosy got sent to new headquarters in Esquimalt, Vancouver Island where is was assigned to open a mission the Okanagan.

Reason for Settlement

The Missionaries wanted to establish a permanent settlement in the Okanagan area.

Early Accomplishments

Father Pandosy had a few accomplishments before he went to the Okanagan Valley. He joined the Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Pandosy was requested by a Canadian bishop to provide missionary work for Aboriginals and Europeans.

Legacy Today

Father Pandosy is known for the mission that he built in the Okanagan area because it is still around today.

Interesting Facts

Father Pandosy was the first person to plant vines in the okanagan area. Father Pandosy's full name is "Father Charles John Aldophe Marie Pandosy. Right before Coming to kelowna, Father Pandosy was accused of conspiring with the Yakima Nation by US troops.

Driving Question

The Missionaries helped the Okanagan Valley grow by starting a settlement here. The settlement was started by someone named Father Pandosy and he came to the Okanagan with an unnamed man from the Flathead Tribe. They chose to go through a mountainous path to get to the Okanagan. This path took them to the Grand Canyon and onward to the south-end of Duck lake. When they got to the Okanagan valley, they found a broad sweep of flatland, near a creek soon known as mission creek. Not wanting to be sleeping in tents, they quickly built a log church with sleeping quarters above called "the Mission of Immaculate Conception. The site that they built the church on was called "L'Anse au Sable".