Civic Center Court School Library

Using the library during the fall semester 2013

We have some books ready to check out!

The Civic Center Library will eventually be located on the second floor. Ross MacDonald Library Furniture Company has measured the room for shelving & the order is working it's way through SFUSD!

Currently I have organized the books in the auditorium for use by students & staff.

There is a fairly large fiction collection. Non fiction section has very few titles, although there are a significant selection of biography.

I will be at Civic Center every Thursday & Friday.

Teachers can email me to schedule classes & for topic/theme requests: (

1. Schedule a class visit to library for students to select a book to checkout (1 book per week).

2. Schedule a class visit to library for booktalks (focus on Latino Heritage in October; Native American Heritage in November)

3. Request topic/theme books from collection to use in lessons & I will check out to teacher.

4. Request theme/topic online resources & I will search for sites/database connections. I can post specific links on the Library Website for your class.