Scientific Summer

How science was related to my summer

The Red Earth Classic

On July 16th my five hour drive to Negaune, Michigan had begun. I was driving up there for a fun 12 mile bike race named the Red Earth Classic. Once the long uneventful drive was over we settled into our hotel, and explored the town until the race. It was July 18th, the day of the race. After my warm up I lined up at the start, and waited for the bell to be rung which would send us off. After many miles of racing the finish line was in sight. Once I saw the finish I launched into a sprint, trying desperately to shake another racer off my wheel. Due to my sprint I was able beat him by .2 seconds. At the awards ceremony I found out I had taken 2nd overall and 1st in the 18&under age group.

How Friction Connects to Mountain Biking

Friction connects to biking because when the brakes are triggered the black pads rub against the rim. This creates friction, which helps the bike slow down or stop. Another example of friction on a bike are the tires. This relates to friction because the knobbier the tire the more friction it creates. This gives it a better grip on the ground.

How Aerodynamics Connect to Mountain Biking

Aerodynamics are very important when it comes to biking. That is why we tend to use tight clothing instead of loose, or baggy clothing. The tight clothing allows air to pass over me easier than loose clothing.

I Wonder

Why do 650b's accelerate faster than 29er's?

How do 650b's handle better than 29er's?

How are 29er's better on downhills?

Why do knobby tires go through slick mud better than other tires?


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