10 Amazing Things about my Family

(There are many more)

#1 Dedication

Late Nights don't stop them from helping me out with schoolwork.

#2 Positive Energy

Anytime I feel depressed or things just aren't going my way my family is there for me.

#3 Sport Support

When able, my family is there to watch my games.

#5 They Feed Me

My parents provide a completely no meat diet and support me being a vegetarian. Except for Chic-fil-a.

#6 They make me Laugh

My family can NORMALLY can make me laugh.

#7 My family supports Lego

My parents encourage Lego and I have a sister who also enjoys it.

#8 My family's love is unconditional

Exactly how it sounds.

#9 My family puts up with me

Endless ranting about Lego sets or certain words over and over again, my family puts up with me.

#10 They are always watching

Whether I want it or not my family is always looking out for me and I love them for it.