Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell

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This story is told in first person point of view by Bright Morning, she is one of the main characters. In the beginning of the book, she got taken by the Spaniards with her friend Running Bird. But towards the end, the Long Knives came and evaded her tribe she is in. Bright Morning ends up escaping both attacks. At the end of the book, she ends up marrying Tall Boy and having a son with him.


Bright Morning- Bright Morning is the girl that got taken by the Spaniards and Long Knives. She escaped them both and married Tall Boy along the way. She also had a son with Tall Boy. Bright Morning is one of the main characters.

Running Bird- Running Bird was Bright Morning's friend. She was the one that escaped with Bright Morning.

Tall Boy- Tall Boy was one of the people that went try to help Bright Morning and Running Bird escape but he ended up injuring his arm. He also got captured by the Long Knives and he married Bright Morning.

Bright Morning's mother- Her mother was very occupied by her sheep. She loved her sheep and did not like when they were harmed or were in danger.

Bright Morning's father- Her father was one of the men that went hunting and fought anyone that was going to harm his tribe. He was also one of the leaders of the Navaho Tribe.

Spaniards- The Spaniards are the ones that took Bright Morning and Running Bird. They were the ones taking them to the houses, where they would technically be slaves.

Rosita- Rosita was the girl, that was a slave with Bright Morning, when she got captured. Rosita tried convincing Bright Morning that the house they stayed at was good and that she should stay because the women who looked after them was good too. But Bright Morning didn't listen to her and she left.

Nehana- Nehana is the girl that helped Bright Morning and Running Bird escape from the houses they got taken to. She was also the one that set it all up, like which day they were going to meet and what time.

Long Knives- The Long Knives are the people who made the Navahos leave their land and also held them as slaves. If someone left they were in danger because the Long Knives would go after them.

Main Conflict

In this book, I think the main conflict is when the Long Knives make the Navahos leave their land. That is a really big problem because they are making them leave everything they have or take anything they can carry with them on the journey. This conflict is external because the Long Knives are physically making the Navahos leave. It is more external than internal because no big emotions were with the situation other than the fact that everyone was mad that they had to leave. In this story there were so many more conflicts but this one I felt was a really big one.

Plot List

1. Bright Morning and Running Bird recently just got back from their slaves house they escaped.

2. The Long Knives were on their way to the Navaho Tribe.

3. Everyone just found out that the Long Knives were on their way and were wondering if they should stay.

4. Some people wanted to stay to fight them when they came, like Tall Boy, but others wanted to leave.

5. They ended up leaving and grabbed anything they could carry for the long journey.

6. Everyone left and they only took about five sheep with them because they needed food for themselves.

7. They made camp in a hidden place, so no one would find them.

8.They found out that the Long Knives had been at their tribe and were looking for them.

9.The Long Knives ended up making their camp right under the Navahos because they were kind of up on a hill.

10. The leaders of the Navahos decided that they should have some people keep watch in case any Long Knives would come near. Bright Morning was actually one of them.

11. The Navahos had been at this camp for a long time now, and they decided that the Long Knives would not go away, so they were going to build better houses for themselves.

12. Someone at the Navaho's tribe put a fire going and they let the smoke get to high so the Long Knives saw.

13. After that the Long Knives came looking for them and found them.

14. Once they got to the camp, Tall Boy was hiding and was ready to throw something at the Long Knives.

15.He threw it and it backfired on him. They actually took him and made him go with them to a place he would have to stay at.

16. So now everyone had to listen to the Long Knives even if they didn't want to.


"See," he said to his son, "it is easy. Before long you also will be able to climb. For your mother, we will stretch a rope which she can hold on to." (O'Dell, 133)
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