Spring break

By: Ahmet Ramović

Spring Break ; Dubai


Me and Sammy went to Dubai for Spring Break. It was our first Vacation before our major vacation to saturn. But thats a story for later. Me and sammy were on a secret mission to get to dubai and take out this guy thats owns alot of cars and take his cars. So the plan was to sky dive from our airplanes into the water and climb the Burj Khalifa with sucction cups and then go inside through the top and climb all the way down to the bottom using the stairs and then we took out the leader with our nerf guns. We succesfully took out the guy and took his cars with girls inside :) But then the car was to heavy for the ramp we were supposed to dramatically jump so we through the girls out half way through the mission. We landed the jump and succesfully escaped.


Whenever me and Sammy went to Saturn we met some alien females and their boyfriends had a problem with it. So i had to call william to come and save me because he the closest person to Jackie Chan i could find. So willliam came and beat everyone up and then we went back to Earth after william saved us. We stayed for like 918365 days.
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Getting Hijacked

Me and Sammy got hijacked on the way back from Dubai and we had to fight off some bad guys because they were mad that we took their cars. We tried to get gas off of hwy 120 and we got jumped so we hasd to kill them wih water guns! All went well and we killed them all.