Survival Guide for Sahel

Sahara Desert

location,Geography, and Climate

My plane crash on the hot continent of Africa in Sahel. The climate is tropical and the geography is sand and mountains. The highest temperature is 104 and the coldest is 86.
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Four Steps Needed to Survive

1. Have an a emergency kit with a flare gun with out it you will not survive.

2. Study and look on the internet to know the possible dangers in the Sahara desert.

3. Understand the region what will you need or the food that is there.

4. Bring a GPS to locate were you are and bring and prepare your vehicles for this trip.

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Animal Life

EX: dama gazelle, javelin,and catfish

A catfish is a great food source and it is the easiest to catch in the Sahara desert.

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Plant Life

EX: olive cypress, cactus, and the date palm

it is a good food source and it grows on the trees in the desert and is and sweet fruit.

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