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November 4, 2022

Bill Armstrong Grant for Art Classes

We are excited to announce that Sarah Madigan has received the 2022 Bill Armstrong Grant! This grant supports a ceramic unit for grades K-8 with a focus on the rich tradition of pueblo pottery here in New Mexico. Funds will bring in a visiting pueblo potter/ceramic artist to Holy Ghost School. This artist will share practices, techniques, processes as well as the work’s cultural significance. The artist will engage with students around the development of their own ideas and inspire them to create their own work with clay.

The New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists have established an annual grant program in memory of distinguished member, Bill Armstrong who was instrumental in teaching many people about pottery and was always interested in experimenting, learning more and helping others. In his spirit, New Mexico Potters gives an annual grant to assist with ceramics education programs or a ceramic art project.

Stay tuned for more information and pictures Spring 2023!

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Veterans Day 2022

On November 10th, we will hold a Veterans Day Prayer Service at 8:00 AM in the church with all of the students and open to all families. This year’s guest speaker is retiring Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Nayder of the United States Air Force Reserves. Veterans and active duty personnel from all branches of the service are invited to come to the prayer service and then stay afterward for a brief celebration in the gym, with coffee and doughnuts served by the 8th graders and PreK students. Please email pictures of Veterans or Active Military personnel to Erika Miller at emiller@hgcsabq.com. We will honor these individuals on our social media pages on Veterans Day.
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As the only nationally STEM certified school in New Mexico, we have placed the training of our teachers to be the best STEM teachers possible and also updating technology outside of the classrooms at the forefront of our “Future is Now” campaign. To do so, we need to provide current technology to our teachers and staff for them to access all aspects of our curriculums and use them efficiently. The current classroom desktops that are used by our teachers are on average eight years old. Given the speed of technology updates in our world today, those computers were obsolete after three years. The current desktops hinder the capabilities of our teachers, thus negatively impacting the education they can provide to their students.

Holy Ghost has secured a $25,000 grant from the Catholic Foundation and $5,000 of other donations, which has brought us 20 of the 24 laptops we need to purchase. To finish the entire purchase, we are looking to purchase 4 more laptops at $1,500 each ($6,000) and three desktops for the front office at $1,500 each ($4,500) for a total campaign goal of $10,500.

Last year, with your support and prayers, we reached our #iGiveCatholic and Giving Tuesday goal for our Whiteboard Wipedown and raised enough money to purchase and install new whiteboards in every classroom. We are looking forward to another successful year!

Our website link is up and running NOW to start taking pre-donations. Please donate and help us spread the word!

New laptops being used by staff!

10K Raffle

By now, everyone should be selling tickets for our annual 10K Countdown Raffle, which will be held on Friday, November 18th at 5:00 PM. Each ticket sold counts as credit toward your fundraising obligation. Tickets are to be turned in by the end of day November 17th! Please contact Lawrence Chacon at lchacon@hgcsabq.com for more information. If you want to sell online, simply direct your purchasers to the following website: https://hgcsabq.com/2022-10k-raffle Be sure to remind them to put in your student's name when purchasing online. The second way you can sell tickets is to request paper tickets. To request paper tickets please complete this google form: https://forms.gle/71odQ8Y3hjmhxLTX9

Good News! Catholic Schools are Excelling Post pandemic


The Nation's Report Card Shows

Catholic Schools Excelling Post-pandemic

ALBUQUERQUE – Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – IMMEDIATE RELEASE –The Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe is more than pleased to see the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the Nation’s Report Card. Donna Illerbrun, Superintendent of Catholic Schools said, “The National Report Card shows that even during a pandemic, our teachers showed up and held high expectations for their students. It is with their love and dedication that our schools continued to outperform, even during a pandemic.”

Below is a summary from the National Catholic Educational Association:

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Catholic school students performed at or near the top in reading and math compared to public schools coming out of the pandemic. NAEP released its findings for math and reading for Grades 4 and 8. NAEP is considered the most consistent measure of U.S. student achievement over time and a lens into student success.

As one commentator observed, if Catholic schools were a state, they would be the highest performing state in the country. The data also shows that Catholic schools are near the top in learning outcomes for students receiving free and reduced-price lunch, demonstrating the system’s commitment to underprivileged students. Although Catholic school students experienced a statistically significant five-point drop in Grade 8 math, Catholic school students’ average scores remained 15 points higher than the average scores of their Grade 8 public school peers.

Aside from Catholic schools, other private schools did not meet the minimum standard of responses to be included in the 2022 assessment.


Holy Ghost Excelling

Holy Ghost believes we should prepare students not just to enter high school, but to be successful when in high school. Public schools talk about students who read or perform math functions on grade level; we like to look at how far above grade level our students perform. If our students do not perform at grade level, we provide several supports and look at how much they are improving (growth) to know students are moving in a positive direction.

For example, this year’s 8th grade class is achieving at the following levels in reading:

74% of students are reading at or above grade level; Albuquerque Public Schools is 35.4%

87.5% of students who have been at Holy Ghost for at least two years are reading at or above grade level.

63% of students are reading at greater than a 10th grade reading level.

It is important to note that students are not even halfway through their 8th grade year yet.

In math, 8th grade students are achieving at the following levels:

68.4% of students are performing at or above grade level; Albuquerque Public Schools is 19.6%

81.25% of students who have been at Holy Ghost for at least two years are performing at or above grade level in math.

58% of students are performing at greater than a 10th grade achievement level.

It is important to note that students are not even halfway through their 8th grade year yet.

For Holy Ghost students who have been at the school for two or more years, they are averaging a one year and one month growth from the May 2022 test to the October 2022 test.

Our data show that we have a challenging curriculum because our students consistently score above grade level and those who do not are growing at a rate higher than one grade per school year.

Accreditation and Family Survey

Every five or six years, Holy Ghost goes through a process of self-study. We look at several aspects of the school and determine what areas of the school we will seek to improve over the next five to six years. On October 20, 2022, we emailed out the link to the parent survey, which is an important part of the process.

In order for Holy Ghost to utilize the data received from this survey, we need more parents to complete it. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey and help us improve the education we offer to your children. We would like to complete it by November 9, 2022 so that staff can analyze the data at their November 11th inservice.

If you need to use a school device to complete the survey, we will have chromebooks available for families. Please email Dr. Wine (dwine@hgcsabq.com) or Kara Johnson (kjohnson1@hgcsabq.com) and let them know you would like to utilize this option.

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The Tripledemic

Recent news reports have written of a concern this winter that we need to worry about children’s health because of a tripledemic: the flu, RSV, and COVID. As you know, we are always concerned for the safety of our community, so we will begin the following:

  • Disinfecting student desks every day at the end of the day

  • Disinfecting lunch tables between each lunch group

  • Asking parents to pick up their sick children at the front door of the convent (to limit exposure to germs)

We will ask you to partner with us to limit the spread of germs by doing the following:

  • Keeping your children home if they are sick and having them return after being free from symptoms for 24 hours

  • Helping us to get students to stop sharing food (taking a bite and giving the remainder to someone else)

  • Helping us to get students to stop sharing drinks (drinking from the same water bottle)

As you can see, we are asking you to be diligent with us in reminding students of basic hygiene and keeping students home when they are ill.

Make a Difference Day Update

Thank you to our community for coming out and helping us to have a successful 2022 Make a Difference Day!

We had over 70 people representing more than 25 families!

Projects Completed:

  • Repainted traffic lines facility-wide
  • Repainted game lines facility-wide
  • Added mulch to front of school and memorial garden
  • Trimmed hedge front of convent
  • Redid drip lines in Mary's garden and memorial garden
  • Assembled tables for library
  • Redid rocks along fence line on San Pedro
  • Cleaned up area around sign at corner of Anderson and San Pedro
  • Painted areas on sign pole and portico
  • Repainted urns at entrance to church
  • Repainted yellow line on middle school sidewalk
  • Sanded and restained wooden eve over entrance to church
  • Cleaned statue at entrance to church
  • Picked up trash and weeds around school grounds
  • Replaced ceiling light bulbs in gym

2022 Make a Difference Day Snapshots!

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Spelling Bee November 9th

  • 9:00 - Elementary (k-2)
  • 9:30 - Intermediate (3-5)
  • 10:00 - Middle School

Inservice Date - November 11th - NO SCHOOL

10K Raffle Tickets Due - End of Day November 17th

Thanksgiving Break - November 23rd - 25th