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October Update

ACTS 3.0

Since August, I have been sharing about changes in the ACTS Group which came out of a strategic review that was wrapped up on July 1. If you missed the summer recap, you can read it here Last month, I focused on the re-making of our online and social media properties to reflect our new streamlined format – you can read more here.

In this issue, you can read about Activation Nights that are designed to inform, inspire connect and ACTIVATE in the arenas of prayer, service and evangelism. Megan McCleary will be leading our 3rd Serve United Activation Night and is doing a remarkable job coordinating the Every School Partnership and the cause connect groups emerging. You can also hear about Activation Training being developed by a curriculum writing team for CityPRAYS. Soon, there will also be Activation Training curriculums for service and evangelism as well. As you will read with the Gospel X update, the ACTS Group is also identifying best practices and trusted partners who will help our community and city cohorts toward great outcomes in evangelism. It has been four years since ACTS inception. We have had many different people add ingredients and spice to this gospel movement organization. It is exciting to see it cooking in a whole new way!

Jeff Kreiser - ACTS Group Director
Q Commons || Recap Video

Q Commons Sacramento Recap

Thursday night, the ACTS Group hosted the fifth Q Commons Sacramento event. This event marks the reemergence of the Convergence leaders platform where a cross section representation of the CHURCH is staying curious, thinking well and advancing good. At Q Commons, Nancy Ortberg reminded us, we are leaders following Jesus who in small things have a big impact. We are leaders who, as Ben McBride said, are willing to lean into the awkward conversations with those racially and ethnically different than us. As out panel of elected officials - Ken Cooley, Bonnie Gore and Ed Manansala - reminded us, we are so in need of God that our first motion must be prayer. The room was electric with conversation, and we look forward to making the videos of the night available soon. For now, you can catch a glimpse of our panel in the national Q highlight video.

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Serve United Activation Night this Thursday

Serve United is gearing up for its third quarterly gathering this Thursday, October 20, at New Life Community Church in Fair Oaks. The events are called Serve United Activation Nights and they are times where church, ministry, non-profit and civic leaders come together to talk about activating united transformational service in our communities and cities. Each time we gather, we hear from experts doing unique ministry in their context. Gathering together to share resources, ideas and passions is so important in activating united efforts that transform communities. Details about our next Serve United Activation Night can be found HERE!

Megan McCleary - Serve United
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CityPRAYS Activation Training

We have been continuing to make the brand transition from SacramentoPRAYS to CityPRAYS as part of the new vision for ACTS 3.0. An exciting part of this transition is a group of experts that are meeting to develop curriculum to give training and put into practice through city cohorts over a three year timeframe. In a city or community, we have seen that it is important for both a teaching and an "activating" element of practicing the material taught.

The trainings are varied but focused in 3 distinct areas: Personal Prayer Life, Corporate Prayer, and Prayer for the City. This “learn by doing” curriculum will help develop strong and sustaining prayer in churches, businesses and non-profits who are part of the learning cohort. Completion is targeted for early December with implementation beginning in the new year.

If you have a contingent that desires this in your community or city, please reach out to

Mike Brill - CityPRAYS

Gospel X in Development

Gospel X is the final strategic organization to be developed as part of the ACTS Group and is integral to the new 3.0 vision. It was actually in Fall of 2014 that several thing tank meetings brought together some area leaders to talk about best practices around evangelism, disciple making and starting new ministries and new church who reach people not yet engaged with the gospel. In pulling some of these leaders back together this Fall, the development of Gospel X Activation Training and the launch of Gospel X Activation Nights in 2017 is getting rolling again. Best practices like Discovery Bible Studies, Neighboring, Apartment Life, Forge Mission Training and Alpha Course will be available as referrals to city and community cohorts. Report #1 complete. Report #2 next month.

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Pastor Paul Edwards, Sun River Church, Rancho Cordova

“Real City transformation only occurs when Christ’s followers from all segments of the city link arms to address the needs of the city. The ACTS group is one of God’s instruments in bridging the resources of God’s people with the vast needs of the city.”

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