Room 26 News

January, 2016

Sub Sandwich Problem By Aedan and Kyden

Recently in school we have worked on a certain math problem about sub sandwiches and dividing them evenly. Warning: This could lead to serious mouth watering if you are hungry, hungry, or well… Hungry. Anyway Back to the project, In this project 4 groups of kids went on a field trip and took sub sandwiches for lunch. The first group had 4 kids and 3 sandwiches, the second group had 5 kids and 4 sandwiches, the third group had 8 kids and 7 sandwiches, and the last group had 5 kids and 3 sandwiches. Then, we split them up evenly and in the first group each kid got ¾ of a sub, each kid in the second group got ⅘, each kid in the third group got ⅞, and each kid in the last group got ⅗. After this we found out it was fair by finding a common denominator and here is what we got 24/40, 30/40, 32/40, and 35/40. As you can see this is clearly unfair so the answer is NO!

A Hot Book Review By Phillip

MY BOOK: Wings of Fire

In this book called Wings of Fire people are living in a world where dragons rule. There are several types of dragons. Each tribe has its own name. There are Nightwings, Mudwings, Sandwings, Icewings, Rainwings, and Seawings. A war had started about 20 years ago (20 dragon years are way longer than human years). The war is horrid with death everywhere and some dragons set out on a prophesy and they're not even full grown yet. They go through their whole continent and they cause hilarious trouble through each kingdom they get caught in. All they do is try to cause peace when it usually gets them in bars. There are 8 books in the series.

This series is the the best series I've ever read. It was a privilege being able to read such excellence in these books. I would recommend these books to everyone except to people who don't like gore and a little blood.

Top 5 TV Shows by Jillian and Emma

According to, kids ages 8-18 spend nearly four hours watching TV each day. Plus additional screen time on computers and other devices. So as you can tell kids nearly spend most of their time on electronics.

Do you wonder what kids in room 26 are watching? Learn from our article on Top 5 TV shows. We figured out that kids in room 26 are watching many different shows. There was not one strong favorite. However, some of the most popular were The Bachelor, The Simpsons, Austin and Ally, and Full House. Some of the other ones we saw that you may watch yourself are The Big Bang Theory and Extreme Houses! Lots of kids watch different shows! Maybe your kid watches some of these shows to!

The Change For Lunch! by Cade and Logan

Have you heard about the new lunch menu? There are new foods! Some foods are mac and cheese, bean and cheese burritos, cheese pizza, chicken salad, roast beef sandwiches, cheese tamales, yogurt parfaits, grilled salmon burgers, and Kim’s glazed chicken legs. Some of the old foods included, hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti. They made a new menu because the other one was not as healthy. Now, not everything is microwaved because there is new cooking equipment and a chef. Since the change, we have fresher food. We think they changed the menu to give kids more protein and healthier options.

Even though the menu changed, some favorites stayed. We asked someone in our class what he thinks. Phillip said,” I like the new lunches.” Ask your child what he or she thinks of the new menu!

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

I have 3 close friends. One of my friends is saying mean things about another one of my friends. I am trying to tell her to stop, but she keeps on doing it. Please help me!


Needs Help

Dear Needs Help,

I can tell that you are having a very hard time, so I will try my best to help. One thing that you can do is just not play with the friend who is being mean and ask that other friend to play with you. You should probably tell a teacher if she keeps talking about this person or put it in the kid's concern box. That way you will make sure that this person stops being mean to that other person. You can do one of these things, or you could come up with something else to do. Either way, you definitely should not keep on playing with that kid.



Jamestown 1607 By Cat, Selina and Esteban

Are you ready to go back to the 1607 Jamestown, Virginia settlement? If you are, then keep on reading. Jamestown was originally named after King James. There were three ships on the voyage. The biggest was the Susan Constant, the medium size was the Godspeed, and the smallest the Discovery. When they got to Virginia they came across a tribe of Native Indians, called the Powhatan. They decided to settle in a place now known as Jamestown. Their expedition was sponsored by the Virginia Trading Company. This information is from the book Blood on the River.

Our teacher is giving us a project where we got assigned a new life for pretend. We started writing in journals from the perspective of our life back then. For example, Lindsay took on the character of Ould Edward. He was a real person on the expedition and he was poor. "My character was a laborer," said Lindsay. The class enjoys this fun and historic project.

Free Seating! Editorial By Brenna and Lindsay

Do you think that students should get free seating during lunch at Skyline Elementary? We think that all kids at Skyline Elementary School should get free seating at lunch. Currently, all 5th graders are assigned to certain tables with their own class only.

It isn’t fair to the students here at Skyline because what if all your friends were in one class and you were in a class with nobody you knew? You could be missing out on all the fun. That wouldn’t be fair! I know that some teachers and the principal are worried that kids are going to be left out, but truly everyone is friends here at school, so no one should be worried about being left out. Also, I know that the principal said that free seating is a safety issue. Say that there is a fire and kids are seated where ever they want, scattered along the lunch tables. If there was ever a safety issue, like a fire, we could just walk down to our numbered lines and then get picked up by our teachers and evacuate the school if needed. Overall, free seating is a pretty good idea.

On Fridays, the fourth graders get free seating and Soheil, our lunch aide, chooses two sixth grade classes to eat lunch on the grass. That truly isn’t fair to the fifth graders because we don’t get free seating on Fridays, nor do we get the privilege to sit on the grass and eat lunch. It just isn’t fair! Free seating should be allowed for 5th graders at school every day so that students won’t get left out. It would still be safe and it would be more fair. We think this would be a fantastic idea!

Garden By Coral and Melody

Have you heard of garden classes in Room 26? Well then, let us tell you about the Skyline Garden. In garden, students learn how to take care of plants, and they also learn how to cook with their fresh fruits and vegetables. Here's what students think. ‘’I like garden because it teaches us how to grow food and cook with it too,’’ said Mia. Skyline students are so thankful for garden and can't wait till next year. Thank you to Mrs. Denham and Mrs. Fox, our garden teacher, for making garden possible.

Seen And Heard By Rudy and Wyatt

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? By Adam and Charlie

Most teachers want their students to succeed and be smart. Well, do you want to know if you are smarter than 5th grader? Here are 5 questions to see if you are smarter than a 5th grader. Hope you enjoy!

1) 5 kids want to get hamburgers. With the money they had they could buy 3 hamburgers. How many hamburgers will each kid get?

A )3/5

B) 0.35

C) 3/6

Who was in the new world before the Virginia Company came?

A)Crazy Fans

B) Native Americans

C)Talking rocks

3) Help Jimmy find a fraction that is equal to 6/9.

A) 2/3

B)1 whole

C) 1 ¾

D) 1/3

4) James was going on a trip with 20 friends and each friend brought $15,867. How much money did they have in all?

A) $317,340

B) $356,790

C) $789,065

D) $456,675

5) Which Indian saved Captain John Smith?

A) Powhatan

B) Squanto

C) Pocahontas

D) Carlos

Answer Key: 1)A 2)B 3)A 4)A 5)C

Holes Book Review by DJ

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes is a book about a boy who takes a famous athlete's shoes. The boy, named Stanley, goes to a camp for troubled boys. It was a camp where everyday he had to build a hole the size of his shovel in all angles. He had to dig on a dry lake in the flaming sun of Texas. There were lots of rattlesnakes and yellow spotted lizards on the lake. If you got bit by a yellow spotted lizard you would have a long, painful death. Some kids were so desperate to avoid the sun that they purposely got bit by a rattlesnake, so they would not have to dig holes for a couple of days. There was also a warden, and if you found an interesting item from digging and gave it to the warden, you would get a day off. Stanley's special nickname for the camp was caveman and everyone else in the camp had a nickname too. This book is also a movie.

The book has 204 pages, so I would recommend for you to read it if you are in grades 4-6. The book's genre is mystery and adventure, so if you like those genres then this book would be perfect for you. I'd give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Editing by Jonas W. and Jonas K.