PK 4.2 Newsletter

Ms.Kashmira November 1, 2013

We Love Trees!

Children are fascinated with our new study unit; it has sparked their curiosity and wonder. Through the experiences provided this week the children are becoming aware of the parts of a tree, kinds of trees, and of course the importance of trees!

  • Concepts for the children to learn:

A tree is a large plant.

There are many kinds of trees.

A tree has many parts: leaves, branches, bark, trunk and roots.

The roots of a tree are underground.

Roots help the tree stand, they also get water and nutrients from the soil.

Trees need soil, water and sunlight to grow.

Some fruits grow on trees: apples, bananas, pears, lemons and grapefruits.

Trees provide homes for many animals.

Books of the Week!

Poem of the Week: A tree my size

This tree is wide.
This tree is tall.
This tree is thin.
This tree is small.
Beautiful trees I see with my eyes.
But the one I like best is exactly my SIZE!

  • We then recognized the letter Tt in our poem! -->

Sophia's Big Day!

Beautiful Trees I see with my eyes..

We Love Small Groups!

A note from our spanish teacher: Mr.Ricardo

Estimados Padres de Familia:

El próximo martes 12 de noviembre estaremos realizando una asamblea para conmemorar el “Mes de la Patria”. En este acto los niños de Pre-kínder 4 recitarán la poesía “Bandera Panameña” por Hersilia Ramos de Argote. Cada Pre-kínder 4 estará encargado de una estrofa. Los niños deberán venir vestidos con los colores de su POD.

Hora: 2:00 p.m.

Lugar: Gimnasio de la escuela primaria

Quedan cordialmente invitados a esta celebración.


Ricardo González


No School : November 4-5, 2013.

Tip For Home:

We can take advantage of our break! Many of us are going to beach, or flying somewhere. Take some time and look at the different trees around you! Ask your child some questions about the parts of the trees, the color, and compare sizes of trees!