the stinky skunk

the most stinkiest skunk


The Skunk has alot of differnt of features. Keep on reading for more informatoin. The Skunk is black and white. It has seven reliteves like the Wolvirene. Baby skunks have black skin with no hair but it has white hair on his forehead. Their height 13 cm to 38 cm the shape of its face is like a triangle. its tail is black and white its weight is 5 to 20 pounds. you know how it looks so be careful not to be sprayed.
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here is some information about where you could find them. Skunks live in the woods, rain forest or mountains. they live all around the world. they are most common in north america. Sometimes they make a hole it their habitat. Their habitat mostly smells so the animals are scared. so now you know to find them so if you are in the woods, you will know if they are close

What they eat

Do you want to know what to eat? The Skunk mostly eats earthworms, worms, grubs, mice and berries. Skunks eat soil if they are starving. They have a regular meal time like us like dinner, breakfast and supper. They gleefully eat mice. If you want a pet skunk, you know what to feed them.

some cool facts

The Skunk can do a handstand and spray gas. Tigers can sometimes run away before the can get sprayed. Chloine helps when sprayed by a skunk. When baby skunks are six months they follow their mom. Now you know some cool facts so beware of the Skunk.


Skunks are interesting creatures. You have discovered that a Skunk can do a handstand and spray you. You have also learned where it lives in the woods are even in your backyard. The Skunk eats earthworms and fruit . You have also learned what the Skunks looks like and heard some great facts. So next time you see the Skunk you know what to do if you see it.


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